Cortana's coming to the UK

Microsoft confirms what to expect from its upcoming update to Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has officially details what to expect in its first update to Windows Phone 8.1.

The biggest change – at least for UK owners of Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones – is that Cortana is finally making her way over the pond.

However, if you were looking forward to hearing the voice of Cortana actress Jen Taylor, you're going to be disappointed. Instead, she will be replaced by a UK voice.

According to Microsoft, that's because the UK version will offer a lot of local content that can't be done through the US version.

Among that local content are Premier League scores, London Stock Exchange information, as well as public transport updates.

The other major change is the introduction of Live Folders. They allow you to drag and drop one tile over the other and create a folder. Live Tiles still function; they just appear a lot smaller.

Other improvements include changes to the Store Live Tile, the ability to select multiple SMS messages for forwarding or deletion and custom snooze settings for alarms.