From watches to wheels: Coros enters the cycling market with Dura

Coros' first foray into the cycling head unit market is an interesting one

Coros Dura cycling computer mounted on bike
(Image credit: Coros)

In an exciting turn for the cycling world, Coros, the brand celebrated for its running wearables and multisport watches, has announced its debut cycling computer, the Dura.

The brand teased the launch a couple of weeks ago and even gave away that it would be, but we had to wait until the launch to find out the Dura's specs and features. The name suggested a long-lasting battery and a somewhat rugged housing.

Indeed, the Dura boasts an impressive 120 consecutive hours of ride time in all-systems mode on a single charge, with integrated solar panels providing an additional two hours of ride time for every hour of direct sunlight.

There is also a dual-frequency option; the battery life is 70 hours in that mode (excluding solar charging).

Equipped with a 2.7-inch MIP colour touchscreen with a 400 x 240-pixel resolution, the Dura is said to offer a clear and crisp display of your data and navigation, even in direct sunlight.

The screen's adaptive backlight feature automatically adjusts the brightness to match the environment and ensures you can easily view your stats at night or indoors.

An interesting feature borrowed from wearables is the digital crown, which lets you scroll the screen for quicker access to your stats.

Introducing COROS DURA Solar GPS Bike Computer - YouTube Introducing COROS DURA Solar GPS Bike Computer - YouTube
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The Dura connects to the Coros app, where you can create routes directly or download them from popular platforms like Strava, Ride with GPS, and Komoot.

Change your mind mid-ride? No problem. Simply update your route on your phone, and the Dura will sync the changes in seconds, giving you the freedom to adapt your journey as you go.

Paired with the Coros app and the Coros Training Hub, you can access a full suite of fitness insights without any extra cost or monthly fees.

When paired with one of the brand’s wearables, Coros says the Dura delivers comprehensive data to help athletes optimise their training, covering everything from performance and recovery to sleep, stress, and HRV metrics.

The company already has a long list of features coming to the Dura this year, including temperature, weather and wind data, Strava Live Segments, media controls, Lap Summary data page, search for Points of Interest and save and more.

The Coros Dura, available for $249 , goes on sale worldwide today, 17 June 2024, with shipping starting 15 July. Each unit comes with a proprietary out-front handlebar mount and a USB-C charging cable. Visit Coros for more info.

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