Coros teases a new product, and it's definitely not a running watch

A video appearing on the brand's social channels says the Coros Dura is coming in June

(Image credit: Coros)

UPDATE: Coros has since confirmed the Dura will indeed be a cycling computer. The brand describes the unit as "the ultimate cycling adventure and training companion."

Coros, well-known for its affordable performance wearables, has just posted a video on its social channels about an upcoming product called 'Dura'. The video features a rectangular object glistening in the dark, with only the edges visible.

One thing is for sure: it's not a smartwatch. Or, if it's a watch, it looks quite odd with its long, squarish shape. The product looks to have a screen, and there seems to be a button on the lower right side—but that's about all you can see in the video.

It might be totally far-fetched, but looking at that thumbnail, the first thing that comes to mind is a bicycle head unit. Coros hasn't made a product specifically designed for cyclists yet, so we can't say it's a likely possibility.

What if it is, though? It would make sense for Coros to venture more into the weird and wonderful world of cycling, given the company's credentials with GPS and exercise tracking.

Garmin is also the main player in this area, with companies like Wahoo and Hammerhead having strong followings. Coros is famous for targeting hardcore users, and there are plenty of those in cycling.

The name Dura suggests durability and potentially long battery life (as in, enduring), both of which qualities are often associated with Coros.

Whatever the Coros Dura might be, we'll be able to see it soon enough, as the video suggests it launches in June 2024.

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Find out more info about the Dura at Coros.

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