Super cool things to do with your Instagram photos that aren't a boring photobook

Personalised marshmallows, tiny projector slides and custom nail art included

Your Instagram pictures may be a colourful diary of days out with friends, trips to far-flung cities and sun-drenched days at the beach. They may even have been liked by thousands of followers. But more often than not, these personal snapshots are left languishing online and are seldom enjoyed.

Of course, they could be printed off or transformed into a photobook, but there are other more exciting options out there, from personalised tiles to brighten up the home, to a tiny projector and even printed marshmallows.


Personalised Love Heart sweets were all the rage at weddings for a while, but now you can have marshmallows with your face on them – for any occasion. Images from Instagram, Facebook or a desktop can be uploaded to Boomf's website where users can choose nine to be printed on marshmallows in edible ink. Customers can fill a box of mallows bearing cute pictures of a beloved pet, sunny scenes from a holiday or, erm, a lot of selfies. The company says images with light backgrounds and those focusing on a subject or two instead of a group, work best. It's even possible to make a jigsaw of nine mallows that can be assembled into one large shot.

£15 | Boomf

iPad cover

Is your iPad cover looking a bit tired and scruffy? You can now get one bearing a favourite photo, whether that's a grinning baby, relaxing view or gurning pet. Sticky9 offers foldable polyurethane tablet covers for the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini that double as a stand and can be attached by clicking the magnetic hinge to the edge of a device. Customers can upload a chosen photo to the company's website which will them be printed on the cover with a matte finish, making for a great talking point in a meeting and an eye-catching way of not mixing up your device with everyone else's.

£26.99 | Sticky9

Personalised tiles

Starring at a portrait of your mother-in-law while in the shower may be a turn off for some, but it's now possible to print Instagram photos on tiles to jazz up your bathroom. Available in different sizes, the tiles could feature a stunning landscape first taken on Instagram to provide a great view from the bath, or a collage of family photographs as a splashback in the kitchen. For those who might like to change their photos up a little more, there are even tiny tiles measuring two inches wide with magnetics on the back, so they can be easily moved around the home.

£3 to £27 | Imagesnap


Printing photos onto canvas may not be cutting edge, but it's a great way to put your stamp on a space with very little effort. Now Instagram photos can be turned into square works of art in just three steps. Users can choose a canvas or frame size along with 'edge options' including a curved retro look in the Canvaspop shop, which claims to be the first to print Instagram photos onto canvas. They must then sign into Instagram and choose a photo, which will be printed onto their desired canvas. It's possible to create a mosaic of images and the company uses 'PicturePerfect' technology to make sure even low-resolution pictures look good and smooth out jagged pixels for a crisp result.

£27.36 | Canvaspop

Custom coasters

They may not be the most exciting of household items, but even coasters can receive the Instagram treatment. A San Francisco-based company can print Instagram photos on ceramic coasters so you could put your coffee on an image of latte art – of the irony! - or on a friend's grinning face. They make for a great talking point and may tempt children to use them, instead of leaving marks on the table. The company claims it uses a printing process so the dye won't run, smudge or rub off after years of use, to stop memories fading.

$29 (£22) for two and $49 (£37) for four | CoasterMatic

Tiny projector

You're used to projecting your image on social media sites, but how about onto your wall? A slide projector the size of a matchbox called Projecteo does just this. The idea behind the little device is to bring back the nostalgic warmth of old slide projectors and apply it to the photos we take now. Users can create personalised side show wheels on the company's website, with Instagram shots etched onto single frames of 35mm Kodak film. Each wheel holds nine images and are easily switched in and out into the Projecteo unit, which measures just 46 x 38x 27mm.

Projecteo unit $29.99 (£23) and each slide wheel $9.99 (£8) | Projecteo


Tacking collections of photographs to the wall can be a time-consuming task that becomes ever more frustrating when the prints fall off continually. One clever and inexpensive solution is to create a poster featuring a collection of favourite images. Print Studio's poster, which comes in two sizes – 20x30 inches and 20x38 inches lets users select between 50 and 20 shots from Instagram which are then printed in a clean grid on photo paper in either a landscape of portrait orientation – making for a more professional result than you ever achieved with five packs of Blutack.

$25 and $35 (£19 and £27) | Social print Studio

Nail art

If attracting a legion of followers and collecting 'likes' on Instagram isn't enough attention for you, this next Instagram innovation will certainly help. An app called NailSnaps lets users upload a photo from Instagram, which is used to create nail wraps – essentially stickers that can be applied to the nails so you could have a memorable sunset on your nails instead of plain varnish – or even your friends' faces. The stickers are designed to be filed down so they fit perfectly.

From $19 (£14) | NailSnaps