Cook up a storm with Kamado Joe's Classic Grill, $400 off this Black Friday

There's a reason they haven't changed the original design much. Get this great grill for cheap thanks to Black Friday

Kamado Joe Classic Grill Walmart Black Friday deals
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Black Friday is officially upon us, after weeks of teaser deals from Walmart, Best Buy, and other major retailers. Now is the time to scroll through cut-price consumer electronics, kitchenware, outdoor accessories, and more, finding a discount on the thing that was a bit too pricey last time.

T3 has spent weeks preparing for this weekend, scouring the web to find the best of the best, the kind of deals that you'll be thinking about for the rest of the day. We've got them all, from smartphones to desktops to kitchenware to smart home tech to audio equipment. 

One amazing deal we've found is on Kamado Joe's Classic Grill, available here in the 18-inch red version, a cooking accessory that any serious chef (or even chef-in-training) should not be going without, especially when it's reduced from $999 to just $599.

Kamado Joe Classic Grill (18", Red) | Was $999 | Sale price $599 | Available now at Walmart

Kamado Joe Classic Grill (18", Red) | Was $999 | Sale price $599 | Available now at Walmart
The design of these grills hasn't changed for centuries and there's a good reason: they're designed really well, with a thick wall that helps impart flavour into meat, veg, fish, and anything else you care to chuck on. It's the perfect outdoor cooking companion.

While the overall design has remained unchanged for centuries, that hasn't stopped Kamado Joe from innovating, in this case by adding thicker walls that help trap both the heat and smoke in, enriching the food you cook. There's precise temperature controls, meaning your food will cook evenly without burning. The cooking option clocks in at 225F and there's a searing option that ramps it up to 750F.

The grill is compatible with a range of other Kamado Joe accessories, too, many of which will likely be discounted this Black Friday. So, if you're already part of the Kamado Joe world, this is the perfect time to pick up the signature grill. 

Max Slater-Robins

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