Comcast to provide live audio description for the blind

Upcoming musical broadcast could be the first of many to receive the service specially designed for the visually impaired

Having a disability shouldn't stop you enjoying the best family entertainment out there, but sadly that doesn't mean every type of show or film has the extra facilities to provide for those with a sensory impairment. Well, American broadcast giant Comcast is aiming to change all that with the US' first every live broadcast audio description for the blind.

So how does audio description actually work? The idea is all about giving the audience member an audio track that runs in between the dialogue, informing the individual in question of all the physical cues (actors entering and exiting stage, facial expression and body language, etc) thus creating a far broader and more enjoyable description.

The musical, a new production of The Wizard Of Oz called The Wiz Live, is scheduled for broadcast tomorrow and Comcast is hoping the new service proves popular with blind audience members. Of course, this kind of service isn't that common, especially on TV broadcasts, but if it proves successful it could be a positive step in the right direction.

Via: Comcast

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