City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W vs R-GO 1200 Oyster: which vertical mouse is best?

We compare two excellent vertical mice, the City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W and R-GO 1200 Oyster, to find the best

City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W vs R-GO 1200 Oyster
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Protecting your hands and wrists when working at a computer is really important. One great way is by getting the best vertical mouse, which puts your wrists in a much more natural position. To help make the decision, we're comparing two excellent vertical mice: the City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W and R-GO 1200 Oyster. 

Avoiding RSI and carpel tunnel syndrome completely is impossible, but that doesn't mean trying isn't worth it. If you're spending hours per day at a desk, like us, it's important to think ahead a few years to when serious damage could be done. 

We've spent hours and hours testing the best vertical mice, best ergonomic keyboards, and best office chairs to help you make good choices for your work from home setup. Who needs the office when you can be comfortable at home?

So, let's jump into our comparison between two excellent vertical mice, the City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W and R-GO 1200 Oyster, to find the very best.

City Ergonomics

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City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W vs R-GO 1200 Oyster: features and use

The first thing to note is that these are two premium vertical mice; both of them are much more expensive than traditional Bluetooth mice and even other vertical mice. In our view, the expense is worth it, especially given the years of use (and protected wrists) you can get. 

The City Ergonomics offers a design that can be used by both right-handed and left-handed users (yes, we exist) and while it's not the most visually attractive design, it makes up for it with extensive settings, including four DPI settings, from 500 to 2,000, for pretty much any task. There's also rapid charge, giving you two hours of usage from 30 seconds of juice. 

In the other corner, R-GO has also designed a mouse that can be used in both hands (this time by using an adjustable base), includes five programmable side buttons, and can be positioned into being a truly vertical mouse. It's the more customisable of the two, justifying its higher price tag. 

In terms of use, we had no issues with either of these mice. Both of them are extremely comfortable, as they should be, and work as intended, reducing the strain on your wrists and hands.

If you've been slogging away with a standard mouse, especially a small, cramped model, then these two will feel like a revelation and you're likely to be able to save yourself from doing serious damage.


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City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W vs R-GO 1200 Oyster: verdict

Of the two, we'd recommend the City Ergonomics DXT DXT02W for most people; the cheaper price makes it much more accessible (or, at least, relatively more accessible) and the truly vertical design is comfortable. Plus, fast charging is a nice bonus. 

But if you want the best of the best, cost be damned, then the R-GO 1200 Oyster is hard to beat, offering total customisation in a neat little package. 

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