Circular Windows smartwatch concept looks incredible

It's not an official Microsoft offering, but we wish it was

The problem with tech concepts is that they often end up being cooler than the actual devices. We fear this may be the case with this awesome Windows-watch mock-up...

Details on Microsoft's long-rumoured smartwatch are thin on the ground but these concepts are an encouraging glimpse at what could be in store for a Windows-wielding timepiece.

The faux-watch mock-ups come courtesy of designer Nadir Aslam, and show off a spiffing wearable brimming with juicy tech and features.

The round watchface offers up the time (duh), the date, weather details, and will also display a variety of other apps like Messages and Xbox Music. It's also got a familiar blue circle embedded in the design that signals Cortana integration.

In terms of sensors, Aslam's imaginary wrist-hugger comes touting a heart-rate monitor, a GPS, a gyroscope, and a galvanic skin response sensor.

Looks as though popular public opinion is shifting towards a wearable beauty pageant over in Silicon Valley, with clunky square-faced watches failing to capture the hearts of the masses.

Motorola's Moto 360 sports a similar round-faced design, and a mystery smartwatch from HP takes luxury wearables to the next level with the most beautiful teched-out timepiece we've seen so far.

As always, you can check out the latest chatter on Microsoft's mystery timepiece over at our rumour round-up page.

Source MicrosoftNews

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