Chromebook owners reportedly in line for cool Chrome OS productivity upgrade

If you own a Chromebook then keep up to date with Chrome OS, as a great new feature appears to be incoming

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Chromebooks are easily among the best laptops going right now, especially if you're looking for one of the best student laptops, as they're cheap and really capable. 

Google has done a lot of working on making Chrome OS more smooth and polished with a great variety of apps available to users, on top of the core Google services. 

While Windows 11 might still be the pinnacle for workplaces and campuses alike, Chrome OS is growing rapidly, helped along by incredibly cheap and reliable Chromebook hardware.

And it doesn't seem like Google is stopping.

That's because according to About Chromebooks Google is working on a Chrome OS update that mimics one of Windows 11's best features: the ability to partially split windows.

The feature is currently being tested. Google describes it as an "option to snap windows by thirds for split view," which makes an awful lot of sense, especially on Chromebooks with smaller displays.

Chrome OS partial view

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Being able to split the display into three equal apps is useful and goes beyond what Chrome OS currently offers, which is a half-half split.

As About Chromebooks notes, Google should be looking at adding multiple different ways to split windows (such as 25%-75%). In Windows 11, Microsoft offers six different presents.

The update should arrive as part of Chrome OS 104, as it isn't currently part of Chrome OS 103, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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