Cheap running watch deal on Amazon: 34% off the Suunto Spartan HR Sport multi-sport smartwatch

A must have multisport watch for lovers of the great outdoors with built in GPS and altimeter

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(Image credit: Suunto)

We all love a good Garmin smartwatch and use it very often indeed to track our fitness activities here at T3. Do you know what like even more? A good running watch deal. Like this Suunto Spartan HR sport multi-sport watch deal on Amazon. This feature-packed and competent smartwatch is now over £120 off, a deal not to be missed, especially if you are thinking about getting a running watch.

• Buy Suunto Spartan HR Sport (Black) on Amazon for £236.68, was £359.00, you save £122.32 – 34%

Suunto is a well respected brand, especially amongst ultra marathon runners. Suunto watches are famous for their extra long battery life and battery management options, especially their flagship model, the Suunto 9 Baro, which can last up to 120 hours in GPS mode. Not to mention that the Suunto 9 Baro is also just a tad bit over £400 now on Amazon.

Suunto Spartan HR Sport (Black) | Sale price £236.68 | Was £359.00 | Save £122.32 (34%) on Amazon
Track over 80 different type of sport activities with the Suunto Spartan HR Sport. The watch also has tracking plus route navigation with waypoints and breadcrumb navigation in real time, measuring of heart rate (ECG accurate), calories and steps, race and interval mode, training plans, rest and recovery time. Not to mention, the Suunto Spartan HR Sport has GPS/GLONASS tracking and GPS altimeter too, so it is especially suited for hiking/trail running.View Deal

Why you should buy the Suunto Spartan HR Sport multisport GPS watch

The Finnish smartwatch brand Suunto was founded in 1936 and has been operating successfully ever since. Their philosophy comes from the harsh northern environment it was born in; you don't want to get lost in a Finnish forest during winter.

The Suunto Spartan HR Sport was designed for high performance outdoors athletes. It has wrist based heart rate tracking and built altimeter and it is also water rated uo to 100 metres.

The GPS/GLONASS positioning system will help the Suunto Spartan HR Sport pick up GPS signals faster and track your movements outdoors more precisely.

Suunto is also keen on building an online community and you can use their Suunto Movescount App to keep in touch with friends and other athletes around the world.

• Buy Suunto Spartan HR Sport (Black) on Amazon for £236.68, was £359.00, you save £122.32 – 34%

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