ChatGPT Android app arrives this week, what will it be able to do?

The AI-powered app is coming to Android

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Unless you've been on a year-long internet detox, you'll know exactly what ChatGPT is. The AI-powered tool that has the potential to change to the way we use the internet forever, is already on iPhone, but will soon be coming to Android.

That's right, expected in the last week of July, OpenAI will bring a ChatGPT app to the best Android phones. You can already sign up to pre-register on the Play Store and be notified when it releases. Of course, ChatGPT is already available via the browser version and has been integrated into Bing for a while, but this will be OpenAI's own offering optimised for Android phones. 

The iOS version of ChatGPT includes some system-specific features like the ability to use Siri to create shortcuts, but this will likely come to the Android iteration too (although obviously not with Siri). If it follows the same structure and model as the iOS app, which the "contains in-app purchases" warning suggests it will, then the Android version will offer the chance to use both the free and paid version (ChatGPT Plus) of OpenAI's chatbot. 

ChatGPT Plus subscribers will receive first access to new features and improved versions of the GPT4 model but the free plan still has plenty of features and is consistently updated. If you use the same OpenAI account as the browser version, your search history will even be shared across the two. 

Interestingly, ChatGPT's biggest rival is of course Google Bard, which currently doesn't have an app on the Play Store (Google's own platform) so perhaps we can expect one soon. 

ChatGPT is of course a very impressive bit of kit and a great way to simulate a battle royale between the Teletubbies in seconds, but when it comes to getting the latest on all the best products, you should stay tuned to T3.

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

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