Char-Broil launches new BBQs with app control and smart precision grilling

BBQs are getting the smart treatment this year

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Char-Broil has just launched its new barbecue range for 2024: EVOLVE. Available in gas and electric models, the Char-Broil EVOLVE comes with the Char-Broil app, so you can customise your outdoor cooking without having to stand by the grill as it cooks your food.

Other features of the Char-Broil EVOLVE involve smart precision grilling, temperature sensors and a self-cleaning function. The new Char-Broil EVOLVE is available to buy now for £899.99.

BBQ and outdoor appliance manufacturer, Char-Broil has just announced the launch of two new EVOLVE grills. Backed by the Char-Broil app and engineered with precise grilling controls, the new EVOLVE range takes your outdoor grilling to the next level, and is a must-have for this summer’s barbecue season.

Following the launch of Weber’s new Summit Smart Gas Barbecue earlier this year, it seems like 2024 is the year where the best barbecues are getting the smart treatment. I’m very much of the opinion that if I don’t need to download an app for something to work, I won’t, as I hate my phone getting slowed down and cluttered by multiple apps and their continuous updates.

Having said that, the Char-Broil EVOLVE might just change my mind. Its accompanying Char-Broil app means you can keep an eye on your cooking without having to stick by the grill and miss out on the fun of your next barbecue or garden party.

The Char-Broil EVOLVE has a ‘connected grilling approach’ where the app will notify you of your food’s progress and show you its temperature, targets and timers, so you get the perfect cook without having to stand at the barbecue the whole day. While you can customise everything in manual mode, the app also comes with temperature guides and full guided cooks which take you through the entire cooking process.

To enable this connectivity and monitoring, the Char-Broil EVOLVE has two separate grilling zones and two connected temperature probes to allow for precise and flexible cooking. The Char-Broil EVOLVE can reach up to 370°C which you can monitor and adjust on your phone or on the barbecue’s digital controls.

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To get everyone grilling this year, Char-Broil is offering the EVOLVE in both gas and electric versions, so you can choose your preferred cooking method for your specific outdoor cooking area. Both barbecues come with core temperature sensors, TRU-Infrared Technology and self-cleaning functions, so you don’t have to personally clean your barbecue every time you use it.

While there’s some debate surrounding whether the best electric grills are ‘proper’ barbecuing or not, the EVOLVE Electric offers an easy, convenient and environmentally friendly way to barbecue. For those who love cooking with gas, the EVOLVE Gas has four stainless steel burners, Electric SureFire ignition lights and cast iron grates for good heat retention and authentic smoky flavours.

Both gas and electric versions of the Char-Broil EVOLVE are available to buy now on the Char-Broil website for £899.99.

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