Canyon is King of the Mountains (bikes) as Spectral CF 7.0 wins 2019 T3 Award

The most fun you can have whilst screaming down a steep and rock-strewn slope

T3 Awards 2019: Canyon Spectral CF 7.0

The T3 Awards 2019 is rewarding a number of bikes, and not surprisingly that includes a trophy for the Best Mountain Bike. Canyon is one of our favourite purveyors of two-wheeled delight – not that they would call themselves that, as they are German and extremely serious – and it is they who are hereby crowned King of the Mountains. The polka-dot jersey is in the post, guys…

Canyon completely redesigned the Spectral, its long-standing off-road champ, last year. Now longer and lower than ever before, the 2019 models – the number of which was also expanded – knocked us out with the new geometry, stealthy look, and 10mm more plush suspension travel at either end.

The entry-level carbon Spectral is the CF 7.0. Despite costing under £2,700 it comes with RockShox’ excellent, trail-smoothing Pike RC fork and RockShox Super Deluxe RCT rear shock as standard. Other very high quality bits o' kit onboard include the SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 gearing, powerful SRAM Guide R brakes, and burly DT Swiss M 1900 Spline wheels with triple-compound Minion DHII 2.4 tyres from Maxxis for maximum grip and traction.

Laughing in the face of even the most extreme descents, and light, agile and fast enough to smash technical uphill climbs, Canyon's Spectral range is our favourite family of mountain bikes, and the Spectral CF 7.0 is a stunning off-road bargain that is built to thrill and hard to kill.

• Buy Canyon Spectral CF 7.0 direct from Canyon.

Duncan Bell
Duncan Bell

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