Can this robo-vac wipe the floor with Roomba?

Proscenic may not be a household name, but its household robo-vac and mop offers a lot of household help

Proscenic X1 robot vacuum and mop
(Image credit: Proscenic)

If you can't decide between the best robot vacuums and the best robot mops, combi devices can do the job of both – but they can often be expensive, so for example the Roomba Combo J7+ has an RRP of £999. 

Fancy a similar spec for less than half the price? That's what Proscenic offers. Its X1 has a £100-off launch offer and a £100-off discount on Amazon UK, bringing the price down to £399. 

Who on earth are Proscenic?

Proscenic has been around for a decade making components for household names including Philips, Panasonic and Hitachi, so it's not exactly new to the high tech appliance game. And the spec here is impressive: 3,000 Pa suction, laser assisted navigation, a mopping pad that vibrates at 3,000 RPM to scrub away stubborn stains and a fully sealed dust bag that only requires emptying once a month. There's also a UV light in its charging dock to help sterilise bacteria and reduce odours.

I haven't tested Proscenic's home hardware but its M8 vacuum has attracted good reviews for its navigation prowess and ability to shift pet hair; its mopping performance wasn't so good, but the vibrating pad in the X1 is designed to address that. And previous models have scored hundreds of positive online reviews, so buyers seem to be largely happy with the value they're getting.

Is it as good as a nine hundred quid Roomba? Probably not. But then, it doesn't cost nine hundred quid, so if you lower your expectations somewhat you're getting an impressive specification for an impressively low price. 

The Proscenic X1 is available now at Amazon UK.

Carrie Marshall

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