Buy the amazing Lego Stranger Things set and get a limited-edition poster

Our exclusive code gets you this fantastic bit of Stranger Things and Lego memorabilia

Lego Stranger Things
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With season 3 of Stranger Things hitting Netflix on July 4th, the amazing Lego Stranger Things: The Upside Down set is going to be an essential for fans of the series. It depicts the Byers' house, inside and out, here in our world as well as in the Upside Down in a reversible mirrored set (and comes with minifigs of all the kids, plus the Demogorgon).

Even better than just getting the stunning 2,287-piece set (which we've got full details of further down), the exclusive codes below get your special Lego-fied Stranger Things poster, of which only 10,000 will be available in the world!

They're only available from the UK and US Lego Stores online, and there are 5,000 available in each store – and once they're gone, they're gone.

To get the poster just use the promo codes given below for each store in the 'Add Promo Code' field once you get to the checkout!

To buy from the Lego Store UK use promo code: WILL

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We've had the chance to build the Lego Stranger Things set ourselves, and it's a really great kit, both in terms of being fun to create, interesting to look at afterwards, and it has the added bonus of interviews and behind-the-scenes snippets in the instruction books that offer great insight for fans.

The set has a couple of firsts for Lego too: it's the first build that's flippable, so you can stand it up either way, depending on whether you want the Upside Down or the regular world to be more prominent.

Lego Stranger Things

(Image credit: Lego)

This means it's built in two halves, effectively – mirrored versions of the same house, but with the Upside Down version decaying and grey. The two houses are divided into two instruction books, which means it's the first Lego set designed for two people to be able to build it together, side by side. It's ideal for a couple, or parent and child.

The set is full of witty Lego touches, too – from the fake movie posters and Lego-fied 'missing' flyers, to the fact that the Upside Down side's stickers are printed upside down on the sheet.

The end result is really cool-looking, and is actually smaller than it looks in pictures – it's 17 inches wide and only 8 inches deep, so it's easy to fit on a shelf somewhere. Flipping it over doesn't feel dangerous either – it holds together solidly, and having Chief Hopper's car stay in place even upside down is extremely cool.

Here's a little set of photos from our time building it:

Update: Lego was giving away an extra bonus set as well when you buy online, but that's now sold out – the poster is still available currently, though!

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