Bowers & Wilkins Px8 five-star headphones now come in their best colourway yet

We called them "pure headphones perfection", and now they're available in the perfect colour too

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 in Burgundy
(Image credit: Bowers & Wilkins)

We really rate the B&W Px8 headphones, which are among the very best headphones you can buy; in our in-depth review we said they were "truly exceptional headphones". The Px8 came in a choice of two colour options, Black Leather and Tan, and now there's a third. To my eyes it's the best-looking yet.

The new finish is called Royal Burgundy, and it combines Nappa leather with gold-coloured detailing. As you can see from the image above, it looks pretty spectacular.

The new design, like its differently coloured siblings, is made from a single cast-aluminium arm and features diamond-cut bright edges on each of the elliptical logo plates. The headband, ear cups and memory foam cushions are all trimmed in Nappa leather. And of course the insides are the same so you're getting the same high quality digital signal processing and 24-bit high resolution audio.

As my colleague Simon Lucas explained in his review, "they sound great in pretty much any circumstance, with any type of music, at any volume level and in any environment. They’re a deeply accomplished pair of headphones, as I suppose the asking price insists they should be." You're looking at 30 hours of listening with ANC switched on, and wireless connections are Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX, aptX HD and aptX Adaptive.

When can you get the new Px8 in Royal Burgundy?

The new colourway is available now, and of course the Black Leather and Tan options are still available too; as always they're available directly from Bowers & Wilkins or from its retail partners. The price of all three versions remains the same: £599 / $699 / €699, which is roughly AU$1,149.

As an AirPods Max owner I can't help feeling a bit envious here: as much as I like my minty green over-ears, I think the Px8 look much more expensive – especially in the Tan and in this new Royal Burgundy options. I'm not usually a fan of gold-coloured finishes on consumer electronics, but having looked through lots of photos of the new Px8 I'd definitely make an exception for these: they look fantastic and I like the combination of no-frills design and premium materials. I'll be keeping my AirPods Max for a while yet, but when it's time to replace them I know what headphones are going to be at the very top of my shortlist.

Carrie Marshall

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