BONKERS value SIM only deal grabs you 2.25GB data for £5 p/m and no contract

iD Mobile delivers a stunningly cheap and flexible Black Friday SIM only deal (SIMO), but it isn't around for long...

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This Black Friday T3 has been truly impressed with the excellent SIM only deals (SIMO) on offer, with everything from hyperspace-fast plans from EE, through massive data drops from Smarty, and onto unlimited data mega deals from Three landing on, literally, a daily basis.

Right here and right now, though, iD Mobile has just joined the fray with a stunning value SIM only deal that on top of not costing you a penny more than just £5 per month, also delivers a solid data allowance and, crucially, no contract.

If you're not all that familiar with iD Mobile, it's the in-house network at Carphone Warehouse – so has the clout of one of the UK's most recognisable and trusted smartphone retailers behind it. iD Mobile also uses the same network as Three, meaning that you are totally covered in terms of coverage, too.

The full details of the SIM only deal can be viewed below:

Grab this bargain SIM only deal before it goes...

iD SIM only | 30-day rolling plan | 2.25GB | Unlimited texts | 250 mins | £5 a month | Available now
This is a stunning value and supremely flexible Black Friday SIM only deal. The reason for that is a low-low monthly cost of just £5, as well as a rolling 30-day plan, meaning that you can cancel at any time. No shackling to a long terms contract, and still a solid allowance of 2.25GB of data, 250 minutes and unliminted texts each month, makes this a Black Friday bargain in our eyes, and perfect for the light to medium user. iD Mobile uses the same mobile network as Three, so you've got great UK coverage, too, and the plan also comes with data rollover, bill capping and free roaming features. Delivery is also completely free.

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Yes, 2.25GB of data is not a massive amount to play with each month, but providing you are a light to medium user and tend to spend your days moving from WiFi network to WiFi network (now everywhere from homes, to coffee shops and resteraunts, to trains and places of work) this allowance will be more than enough and will save you an absolute packet compared to some of the with-phone plans out there will charge you, which frequently breaks through the £30, £40 and even £50 per month barrier.

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EE SIM | 60GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | EU roaming | £20 p/m | Contract length: 18 months | Available now at EE
For fans of hyperspace-fast network connections, big data and unlocked EU roaming, then this stunning SIM only deal should appeal massively. It delivers EE's best-in-class networks speeds, a huge 60GB of data, as well as EU roaming for £20 per month over an 18-month plan length. Delivery on the SIM is fast and free.View Deal

Mega Plan SIM only deal | 100GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | £17 per month | 1-month roll-over plan | Available now at Smarty
Smarty has been killing it latest with big data, low price SIM only deals, and this latest Mega Plan offer continues that trend superbly. This deal bags you a monstrous 100GB of data each month to burn, as well as unlimited minutes and texts, for just £17 per month. And, unlike some other SIM only deals, this plan is contract free, with a 1-month roll over in effect. That means that if you're not happy at any time after the first month, then you can cancel at any time. Free delivery is also included. Deal is available until December 3rd, 2019.View Deal

Three mobile SIM only deal | Unlimited data, texts and calls | £18 a month (12-month plan) | Available now at Three
Unlimited SIM only plans offer the ultimate in versatility and peace of mind, with you knowing each and every month that your phone usage, no matter what you do, will only cost what your plan costs. It allows you to kiss goodbye to nasty extra network charges - what you see is what you spend. And with this jaw-dropping Black Friday deal from Three, what you spend is just £18 per month. The short 12-month contract length and awesome free 5G and roaming complete a stunning package.View Deal

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