Blocks modular smart watch lets you build your own wearable...

Features, fashion and function...

Blocks want to solve the dilemma of choosing between smartwatch designs - from straps to faces - by providing them all...

Remember last year's 'Phonebloks' modular smart phone concept? Well, the masterminds behind that have only gone and built a modular smart watch too.

The watch, powered by Intel, will have its main bracelet made up of different modules that will perform various functions. They will be interchangeable, meaning you can customise your device however you want it.

Extra segments come with features and functions galore, such as extra batteries, finger print scanners, fitness trackers, cameras, a GPS tracker and a radio among other features.

Blocks believes customisation is key to their device, saying it can be changed according to daily activities like attaching a fitness tracker for exercising, or a camera and GPS when going on a night out.

The device even comes with a choice of e-ink or LCD display, so it really is whatever you make it. Users can update each block as new software becomes available, which Blocks has said will prevent having to purchase a whole new device every time something changes.

Blocks currently has a working prototype that runs on Android Wear, but Windows Phone support is also part of the plan, with the project expected to hit Kickstarter later this year.

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