Black Friday is the perfect time to buy an electric scooter

It may be more of a summer mode of transport but picking up an electric scooter in the Black Friday sales can save you some decent cash

Electric scooter deals
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Electric scooters are a really handy way to cross the city, whether you're commuting, nipping to the shops or just out for a ride. However, they are definitely more of a summer thing. 

In the warmer months, I would jump on my e-scooter most days, as it was faster and a lot more pleasant than the L train. But as the temperature in Chicago drops, I'm less keen to expose myself to the elements and so my scooter takes hibernation. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to pick up a tech bargain and electric scooters are getting some decent discounts this year. Even though i'm not planning to use it until at least April, I'm on the lookout for a new model. 

To be fair, the scooter I have is fine. It's light enough to pick up when a reach some stairs or head into a building and quick enough off the mark to ride on the road. It even has decent shock absorbency, thanks to air-filled tires. But it's a little slow. 

On the bike paths it tops out at 14mph and both electric and manual bicycles zip past me. So, I'm looking for something a little faster but without sacrificing that lightweight frame. 

There are some great options out there. The Hiboy S2 Pro is currently 15% off on Amazon US. This offers a top speed of 19mph and yet still weighs a manageable 36.3lbs. Though it has solid tires, they are a decent 10-inches in size, and it has rear shock absorbers. 

Best Buy has the Segway Ninebot E45 with $160 off right now too. This model offers a similar 28-mile range and an 18.6mph top speed thanks to the additional battery pack on the shaft. While this has 9-inch wheels, they are filled with high elastic for better shock absorption. 

In the UK you can pick up the excellent Bird Air 2nd Gen scooter for £150 off at Pure Electric. This has a relatively short range of 16 miles and only a top speed of 16mph but it only weighs 13.6kg, making it ultra-portable. You can also pick up the  Xiaomi Pro 2 for £50 off. This has a 28-mile range and a 15.5mph top speed. 

In Australia, you can get the flagship Segway Ninebot Max G30LP for 25% off right now. This is an incredible scooter, with a 40km range and a 25km/h top speed. It has 10-inch pneumatic tires and regenerative braking, and still only weighs 17.5kg. 

Black Friday Electric Scooter deals in the US

Hiboy S2 Pro scooter:  was $599.99, now $509.99 at Amazon

Hiboy S2 Pro scooter: was $599.99, now $509.99 at Amazon
Save $90 (15%) on the Hiboy S2 Pro. With a 25-mile range and a 19mph top speed, this is a speedy commuter scooter with 10-inch wheels and rear suspension.

Segway Ninebot E45:  was $859.99, now $699.99 at Best Buy

Segway Ninebot E45: was $859.99, now $699.99 at Best Buy
Save $160 (19%) on the Segway Ninebot E45. With a 28-mile range and 18.6mph top speed, this is a great commuting option.

Black Friday Electric Scooter deals in the UK

Bird Air:  was £449, now £299 at Ure Electric

Bird Air: was £449, now £299 at Ure Electric
Save £150 (33%) on the Bird Air. With a 16mph top speed and 16-mile range this weighs just 13.6kg.

Xiaomi Pro 2:  was £499, now £449 at Pure Electric

Xiaomi Pro 2: was £499, now £449 at Pure Electric
Save £50 (10%) on the Xiaomi Pro 2. With a 300W motor, this model has a 28-mile range and 15.5mph top speed.

Black Friday Electric Scooter deals in Australia

Segway Ninebot Max G30LP:  was AU$1199, now AU$899 at Amazon

Segway Ninebot Max G30LP: was AU$1199, now AU$899 at Amazon
Save AU$300 (25%) on the Max G30LP. This top of the range electric scooter features a 40km max range and a 25km/h top speed.

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