10 best Netflix TV shows you won't want to miss in 2024

Here are the upcoming Netflix TV shows you need to look out for

The Gentleman - Netflix
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Christmas is upon us and the New Year is imminent, so if you’re on the lookout for your next big show to binge, on one of the best streaming services, then Netflix is almost certainly one of the places you’re watching. 

Just like the last few, it looks like 2024 is going to be a pretty huge year for Netflix. There will be some massive flagpole shows to sink into new seasons from, with much loved shows returning, and a whole heap of brand new ones arriving, too.

We’ve gathered 10 of the most anticipated shows for you right here, along with trailers and release dates (as far as we know so far) – check out what you might be enjoying on Netflix in 2024.

Fool Me Once

  • Release date: 1 January 2024

If you’re looking to laze about on New Year’s Day, there’s nothing like a dark thriller to get you through that first hangover of the year. 

This is based on the novel by Harlan Coben and looks to be a twisty, psychological tale that should have some crazy surprises in store, all centring around a possibly faked death.

The Brothers Sun

  • Release date: 4 January 2024

Michelle Yeoh is riding high after the wild success of Everything Everywhere All At Once last year, and she’s fronting an exciting new show for Netflix.

It’s all about the Triads in this crime thriller, and it’s pretty clear that we can expect some crazy fight scenes and funny moments, too. Yeoh plays the mother of two very different sons, as each tries to help her against assassins and enemies. 


  • Release date: 25 January 2024

Netflix has made huge success out of drug dramas before – look no further than Narcos. So, it’s going back to that formula here, telling the story of Griselda Blanco.

It looks like it’ll be a scenery-chewing performance from Sofia Vergara, with plenty of action to offer up, too, charting the rise of another drug empire in the late seventies and eighties.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Release date: 22 February 2024

One of the most beloved animated shows of all time is getting the adaptation it deserves - after a pretty terrible live-action film back in 2010.

This looks far more lavish and faithful, and it promises to tell a story that has won over countless fans down the years, full of elemental magic and wonder. 

3 Body Problem

  • Release date: 21 March 2024

A science fiction sensation, the world-famous novel (The Three-Body Problem) gets a big-budget adaptation in this trippy-looking series from the creative team behind Game of Thrones. 

It takes a cerebral look at the question of first contact, and of how our civilisation might actually adapt to alien presences. 

Bridgerton: Season 3

  • Release date: 16 May 2024 (Part 1), 13 June 2024 (Part 2)

Split into two parts of four episodes apiece, Bridgerton will follow the anthology format that the series has used so far, focusing in on a new central character’s quest for love.

This time it's the turn of Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and her longtime crush, world traveler Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). Let there be new sparks.

The Umbrella Academy: Season 4

  • Release date: 2024

It doesn’t even have a full trailer yet, but Netflix has confirmed that the final season of The Umbrella Academy will debut in 2024.

Expect emotional farewells to its eclectic cast of oddball characters, and more moments of jaw-dropping audacity as it closes things out.

The Gentlemen - Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

The Gentlemen

  • Release date: 2024

After his film of the same name made waves (thanks largely to a brilliant turn by Hugh Grant), Guy Ritchie is expanding its world with a new cast of characters, this time for TV. 

The show has been confirmed for 2024 and while we haven’t had a trailer yet, we know that it’ll feature Theo James inheriting an estate - just to find out it’s actually a massive marijuana outfit. Sounds like the match to light a criminal fuse, eh?

Emily in Paris

(Image credit: Netflix)

Emily in Paris: Season 4

  • Release date: TBC

After the last heart-stopping season came out in December 2022, we’re hoping that Emily’s French adventures aren’t too far away from continuing.

The show had been on an annual cadence but the writers’ strike might have slowed production down quite a lot, so there aren’t any guarantees about when this will appear. 

The Diplomat

(Image credit: Netflix)

The Diplomat: Season 2

  • Release date: TBC

This is another show that was halted in full swing by the strikes – it was filming earlier this year, and Netflix typically works really fast, so we’re presuming that it’s now back in action.

That means late-2024 is probably the most likely window in which Keri Russell’s hit show could return, although it could well slip to 2025 depending on a range of factors. 

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