The best MacBook deals for September 2018: T3's top MacBook deal picks

If you love Apple then this is the ultraportable to rule them all

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That's right, we've got the best MacBook deals on the market today, with deal-tastic prices from all of the biggest retailers.

And, you'd be right to want a Macbook deal, as Apple truly redefined the concept of an ultraportable notebook in 2014 when it released a 12-inch Retina laptop that was just 13.1mm thick!

Despite being the baby of the MacBook family, in many ways it’s a grown-up MacBook Air, designed to be used anywhere, all day and with a new ‘butterfly’ mechanism keyboard that’s better for long periods of typing.

The MacBook was updated in early 2016 with slightly improved specs and a new Rose Gold colour (also available in Gold, Silver and Space Grey) before getting a mid-2017 spec bump as well.

Weighing in under a kilo, it’s Apple’s most lightweight laptop but still packs in a 226ppi pixel density in its 12-inch Retina display. It also features a Force Touch trackpad, which can trigger different responses as you apply more pressure.

Here are today's best MacBook deals: