The best MacBook deals for Black Friday 2018: T3's top MacBook deal picks

If you love Apple then this is the ultraportable to rule them all. These are the best UK Black Friday deals going…

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That's right, we've got the best Black Friday 2018 UK deals on MacBook, with deal-tastic prices from all of the biggest retailers dropping literally every day right now.

And, you'd be right to want a Macbook deal. Weighing in under a kilo, it’s Apple’s most lightweight laptop but still packs in a 226ppi pixel density in its 12-inch Retina display. It also features a Force Touch trackpad, which can trigger different responses as you apply more pressure. Basically, it's a quality system.

Typically Apple's products carry a serious premium, though, making them hard to pick up unless you have serious money to spend. The one time of year though when that rule doesn't apply is Black Friday, with retailers dropping crazy deals on Apple's products, and specifically on its laptop offerings.

As such, if you've been looking for either a new or older generation MacBook then Black Friday 2018 should be an excellent time to shop. 

Here are today's best MacBook deals: