Best GoPro accessories: take your shots to land, sea and air

The best GoPro accessories for the extreme sport enthusiast or weekend adventurer

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GoPro has been around for years; in that time its pretty much established itself as the gold standard for action cameras. 

The Hero 5 Black sits at the top of the GoPro line for bringing the best video and audio quality while also providing a great user experience with the build in touch screen on the back.

The camera is built to be rugged and go places no other camera can. GoPro actively encourages users to experiment and find new ways to film using accessories. Here at, we've compiled a list of the best GoPro accessories to help you get shots no one else can.

1. Manfrotto Off road ThrillLED Light & Bracket

Attaching your GoPro to your bike or helmet is great for getting point of view shots of any extreme sport or even just a leisurely cycle. This bracket from Manfrotto also includes an LED light to attach to the top of your GoPro, meaning this accessory is perfect for when it gets dark and you want to continue filming.

2. Off road Stunt backpack

If you're out adventuring, you'll most likely have more than one camera with you. Manfrotto has you covered again with their Stunt backpack that includes room for up to three cameras and is made of a waterproof material for added durability. This bag also includes a mount on the front for your GoPro allowing you to get a first person shot while you're exploring.

3. Birdie GoPro Flight System

With more and more people getting their hands on action cameras, shots can start to look similar to one another. This all changes with the Birdie GoPro Flight System that gives you an entirely new way to capture your experiences and even gives you a little game to play too.

The Birdie is essentially what would happen if a shuttlecock and a parachute had a child. The accessory allows you to hurl your GoPro as high as you can to take unique pictures and video. Throwing it between you and your friends can make for some great footage too.

The design ensures your GoPro will float safety back down to earth afterwards unharmed. The Birdie works great when filming in water and you won't be losing your GoPro anytime soon as the accessory floats. The Birdie gives you amazing shots and is practical too; the whole thing can be taken apart and transported around in the provided bag.

4. Fetch dog harness

Ever wanted to see your dogs perspective when they're playing tug of war with you to get their toy? The Fetch Dog Harness allows you to strap a GoPro to your dog so you can see everything through your pets eyes. The strap allows you to put your camera on either the top of your dog or on their tummy, or if you're really keen to film the world from your canine's point of view you can attach two cameras to them at once.

The harness is also fully adjustable, meaning it can fit any dog from weights 7-54kg. It's also fully washable for the times your dog runs through that muddy field you told them not to.

5. StrapMount GoPro backpack mount

For those of you that don't want to spend over £100 on a new backpack, you should go for the StrapMount backpack mount that'll allow you to attach your GoPro onto any bag you own. The mount gives you the freedom of movement that a head or chest harness doesn't and offers more flexibility as it can also attach to any other strap.

The mount is made of bombproof glass filled nylon, not only does that sound cool, but it also means the mount will easily survive the toughest conditions the world can throw at it.

This is a much cheaper alternative to buying a backpack with a mount already installed.

6. PowerVault GoPro battery integrated travel case

Rugged storage and the ability to recharge your GoPro batteries up to five times on the go; that's what the travel case by PowerVault is all about. There are two slots to put the batteries for the GoPro Hero 4 and two for the Hero 3/3+ batteries. There's also a USB port on the power supply itself, allowing you to charge a bunch of other devices on the go too.

The case is made up of a water-resistant material and is large enough to house your GoPro and all its accessories. The case ensures your camera stays safe and charged during all your adventures.

7. Fat Gecko Mini Camera and Camcorder Mount

This mount by Fat Gecko allows you to attach your GoPro to any smooth surface. The Fat Gecko is designed to stand in conditions where any other tripod or camera mount would fall. The mount has no problem sticking on anything from your car to surfboard, resulting in some of the most unique footage possible.

8. Bobber - Floating Hand Grip for GoPro® HERO Cameras

Getting footage underwater seems to be a trend at the moment; the Bobber by GoPole ensures the safety of your GoPro if you accidentally drop the camera you've just spent a pretty penny on. The hand grip beats out its competitors with its ability to float. You wont struggle to find it at night either with its high visibility design.

9. Smart Remote

The Smart Remote accessory by GoPro allows you to control the camera from up to 180 meters away. The remote is essential for starting and stopping recording at just the right moments when you might not always be able to reach the GoPro itself. The settings of the GoPro are also able to be adjusted on the fly via the handy screen on the remote itself.

The remote provides quick and easy access to everything on your GoPro without having to be in close vicinity. A key ring and wrist strap is included with the device to make sure you never loose it. It's also as rugged as the GoPro itself by being waterproof and fully mountable.

10. GoPro Chest Mount Harness

The GoPro Chest Mount Harness is the perfect accessory for when you want great point of view shots without having to attach your camera to a backpack. The chest strap is extremely tough and is ready for any extreme sport and gives a perfect view of the action below eye level. This angle can be more immersive and will certainly differentiate your footage from everything else out there.

11. 3DR Solo SA11A Smart Drone

This is certainly the big one. Yes, it's a drone built with your GoPro in mind. This is essential for getting incredible aerial footage. The game type controller allows for ease of flying, even for newcomers and the mobile app allows video to be streamed straight from your GoPro to your tablet or phone.

Although this doesn't come cheap, the shots you can get are nothing short of stunning. This is the only way you're going to get footage up high. The GoPro slots in easily underneath the main chassis of the drone and won't be going anywhere during flight.