Best Cyber Monday VPN deals 2020: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark and more

We're seeing plenty of Cyber Monday VPN deals still offering seriously good value.

Best Cyber Monday VPN deals
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While VPNs might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Cyber Monday deals, in truth there are some absolute bargains to be had all round.

These Cyber Monday VPN deals range from the addition of a few bonus months on top of a regular plan to some really quite drastic price cuts, so it's definitely worth weighing up if you fancy going with a mid-range provider for ultra cheap, or just snagging a few extra months from one of the very top-rated options.

All of these deals are from some of the best VPN services we know of, so you can be sure in the fact that you'll be paying for something worthwhile. And, thankfully, none of these will be going out of stock, so take your time, do some research, and then save some cash by picking up one of these excellent Cyber Monday VPN deals before the shopping season is over for good.


PureVPN – 5 years for $1.19/mo with code TECH10
While it can't quite compete with the likes of ExpressVPN and NordVPN, PureVPN has pulled out all the stops this year to provide the best deal of them all. Starting at $1.32 a month for five years, it's a steal already, but add the exclusive TECH10 code and you'll knock another 10% off that, bringing it down to an unheard-of $1.19 a month. If you want a VPN that works for as little as possible, this is the one to go for.

If you want to learn about all the best Cyber Monday VPN deals on the market in detail, just keep on scrolling to browse them all. We've separated them out into a few categories, as each provider is offering a different deal – some have kept the regular price and are throwing in extra time, while others have gone for heavy discounts on standard-length plans.

And yes – we know it can be hard to see through the marketing bluff, and often you'll see different prices from different places on the web. Here, you can be sure that you're getting the best price available on a product that suits you best. Plus, whenever we hear of a new deal going live, we'll add it in here as soon as it's available.

The best VPN deals for outright price

If you're after flat discounts on plans, here's the best place to look, and we'll be adding any more bargain deals as they crop up.


Surfshark – save big at just $2.21 a month
Surfshark's known as one of the best-value VPNs on the market at full price, so when we see that drop even further we've got to shout about it. While the cracking $2.21 a month figure has been reached by throwing in three months free, we feel we've got to include this in the bargain price section because it's just so cheap.


Hotspot Shield – the fastest VPN is now just $2.49 a month
It's no secret that Hotspot Shield is the fastest VPN on the market, and it's just become one of the cheapest, too. With speeds north of 400Mbps (if your Internet connection can handle it), you'll have no lag when gaming, or buffering when streaming – which is a good thing too, as it can unblock just about every service you can think of.


PureVPN – 5 years of cover for a rock-bottom $1.19/mo
It's not quite as premium as those above, but PureVPN has got a a very cheap ace up its sleeve: it's just $1.19 a month with the code TECH10. That makes it the cheapest VPN worth getting in these Cyber Monday VPN deals, and if you want basic cover for an incredible price, it's the one to go for.


ExpressVPN: get three months free with our exclusive deal
We rate ExpressVPN as the best service money can buy, and T3 readers can claim three months free with any 12-month plan. ExpressVPN ranks so highly because it's great for streaming, gaming and torrenting, is incredibly easy to use, and also boasts class-leading security, privacy, and support. In brief, it's the full package.

The best VPN deals for free gifts or extra time

Lots of providers offer extra time to effectively lower their monthly rate – and we've got no problem with that. Deals here range from months to years free, and you might also get a free subscription to another online service.


NordVPN – big name throws in three extra months for free
It's biggest name in VPN for a reason, and NordVPN gave ExpressVPN a real run for its money when we recently tested all the top VPNs on the market. And now, if you sign up for a two-year plan, which starts off at an excellent $3.71 a month, you'll get three months thrown in for free.


ExpressVPN – the best VPN on the market offers three months free
ExpressVPN is our top-rated VPN, and the exclusive three months free available to T3 readers is a nice bonus. While it's not as huge a saving as some others here, we think the slight extra outlay is absolutely worth it for superior service.


VyprVPN – epic $1.66/pm deal offers a year free with two-year plan
Security-focused provider VyprVPN has just announced this excellent deal, and until December 1 anyone signing up to a two-year plan will get another year thrown in absolutely free. That brings the price down to just $1.66 a month, making it an absolute steal.


IPVanish – save 76% plus 250GB free SugarSync cloud storage
IPVanish's perennial deal of free cloud storage is an excellent freebie that gives you a secure repository for all your sensitive documents and files. And now it's just become even better value, coming in at just $2.92 a month. What more could you want?


CyberGhost – three years plus three months free just $2.25 a month
CyberGhost's streaming-focused service is great if you're a big TV fan, as it can access tons of blocked content (but be aware it's had trouble with iPlayer in the past). And now with three months free, it's a rock-bottom $2.25 a month, which makes it one of the cheapest services on the market.


StrongVPN – Save 76% plus 250GB free SugarSync cloud storage
Wait a minute... This looks familiar. Yep, StrongVPN is exactly the same price as IPVanish, and also offers exactly the same freebie. Overall, we'd probably go for IPVanish out of the two, but it's worth doing your research to see if there's anything in particular that stands out to you.

The best VPN deals on business VPN services

Business VPNs have tailored features that are designed for companies. While individuals will get more use out of the consumer VPNs above, if you want a dedicated business VPN, you should go with those below.


Perimeter 81 – 12 months for just $8/month: 20% off
If you're after a good business VPN we reckon Perimeter 81 has got the competition licked. From just $8 per member per month, it's a neat solution to a lot of business problems, and you'll get excellent customer support alongside plenty of in-depth tools.


NordVPN Teams – 12 months for just $7/month: 22% off
NordVPN's business arm Teams is a great alternative to some of the more esoteric business VPN options out there. You'll get all the usual Nord usability, but with extra features tailored to business. However, for larger businesses it works on quote-based pricing. 

The best VPN deals from other providers

Here are the rest of the VPN deals on the market that are worth considering. Some of these providers haven't launched Cyber Monday sales, or perhaps they're not as premium as those above, but they're still worth checking out.


Private Internet Access – save 82% and get 3 years for $2.19/pm
PIA is a great service that offers 10 simultaneous connections and has a huge number of servers around the world. And now, it's offering a three-year plan for just $2.19 a month. Bargain!

TunnelBear 1-year

TunnelBear – three years for $3.33 a month
Well known for its free version, TunnelBear also offers a good paid VPN. Ideal for newbies and technophobes, the simple experience lacks depth but is great for just getting protected.

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