Get a cheap portable air conditioner deal for just £200: it’s getting hot in here

Appliances Direct is here to rescue you from the sweltering heatwave with an ice cold aircon deal

Cheap portable air conditioning deal
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• Update: This is now back up to £279. When it comes to beating the heat if you snooze, you lose – and you wake up all sweaty and bothered.

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Phew, hot in here, innit? No wonder you're desperately hunting for the best cheap portable conditioner deal, what with UK heat wave temperatures of 90º and up forecast for this coming Friday and the weekend. Not to mention that you might be stuck at home by then, things being how they are right now. 

Do not despair: this Amcor SF8000E may well be the least sexy product on EVER, but it might also be the most essential, for the coming weeks. 

• Buy Amcor SF8000E from Appliances Direct for £200 – that's £100 off the normal price and apparently £170 off RRP

Buy this and you can bid adios to heat wave overheating misery. Yes, as temperatures soar and tempers fray, you'll be laughing; sipping iced cocktails and feeling the kind of cooling, conditioned air normally reserved for four star hotels.

Appliances Direct says this deal is nearly up: ‘Price drop until Saturday’ being their precise words. To be fair, they said that last Saturday, and then carried on the deal regardless, but dare you take the risk…?

Amcor SF8000E £199 | Was £299 | Save £100 at Appliances Direct
This 7,000BTU portable air conditioner has casters for easy manoeuvring, and can effortlessly chill a room up to 18m². Most importantly, Appliances Direct can get it to you tomorrow if you order today. And even if this mini heatwave turns out to be very mini indeed, the Amcor SF8000E will still be ready for you, the next time the heat is on. DEAL ENDS SATURDAY.View Deal

Why you should buy the Amcor SF8000E air conditioner

At a maximum 48dB this slimline air con is fairly quiet, and with 2.2kW of power and 7,000BTU it can cool a fair size room, at speed. A 24-hour timer means you can pre-cool while you're out, too. 

Coming with a remote control and 12-month warranty, this machine is hardly the most gorgeous product ever, but you'll love how cool it makes your bedroom. Anyway, at just H 68 x W31 x D33cm and with wheels on the base, it's easy to hide away somewhere nobody will see it, until the temperatures get fierce again.

If you have a room bigger than the 18 square metres this one is set up for, Appliances Direct can up-sell you to a 12,000 BTU Electriq air conditioner that can chill rooms of up to 30 square metres in size.

This unit has very good reviews on Revoo, which is a site that gets the public to review things, for no money, then sells the results. 

• Buy from Appliances Direct for £200

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