Where to buy a garden swimming pool cheap and ready for delivery. Just add water and take the pool party to the patio

From small to large we’ve got all bases covered when it comes to above ground pools and paddling pools

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Having your own swimming pool makes a lot of sense if, currently, you can't get to the beach or down to your local gym or leisure centre. Therefore, with warmer sunny days arriving, the potential of some actual heat to contend with and time on your hands there’s no better time to get a portable pool. The beauty of these is you can take them down in winter, and they don’t require you to dig an absolutely massive hole in your garden. With hot tub deals now ‘drying up’ - ho ho - a pool is THE must-have lockdown must-have.

These models are a step up from your average paddling pool, with proper sides and lots of capacity. While you won't be doing any lengths before breakfast, these pools are perfect for lazy days in the garden and for providing the ideal backdrop to your next barbecue.

You'll find that Wayfair has an awesome collection of pools, from the rather pricey likes of the £2129.99 Freeport Spa down to the more humble, but no less neat, Intex 5-Person 1-Jet Inflatable Spa for just £99.99. We're not sure why they call what seems to be a pool a spa, but they have those and hot tubs too as you can see from our comprehensive guide elsewhere.

If you're after a bit of a splashabout fun then Argos is a good bet for budget water-based fun, as it's got the likes of the Bestway Quick Up Round Family Pool for just £40 or the even tastier Bestway Quick Up Pool Set and Cover for a very decent £60.

And, as a nation of dog lovers, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s also possible to buy pet paddling pools too, so your beloved pooch can take a dip in its own water, rather than plunging into your freshly-filled tank of aqua. Wise move we think.

So, if you're tired of playing swingball and have done as much as you can to keep fit at home, go and have a dip instead.

Pools for all pockets in the UK

Are you in the USA?

• Home Depot has a fine selection of above ground pools

• As does Lowe's although they kind of hide it on their site

Intex 5-Person 1-Jet Spa

Intex 5-Person 1-Jet Spa | £239.99 at Wayfair
This Intex swimming pool is a full-on outdoor immersion experience with dimensions of 76 H x 366 W x 366 L that make it a real hit. You can set it up quickly and easily, the constructions is puncture-resistant and features three layers of materials to ensure durability. There’s a steel frame too, which is reassuring when you’ve got all that water, yup, 6503 litres when 90% full no less, sloshing around inside. Hassle-free, this can be ready for its first fill in half an hour and can accommodate five people. You get a repair kit too, just in case.

Fick 6-Person Plug and Play Spa

Fick 6-Person Plug and Play Spa | £699.99 at Wayfair
Amazingly, this Fick Plug and Play Spa can hold up to six people, which sounds like an interesting proposition. To take on that challenge it made of durable 3-layer laminated material combing heavy duty PVC and polyester mesh. So it should be good for some serious partying. Better still, it’ll hold an aqua-tastic 1615 litres of water, which is quite a lot. There’s a steel frame to hold things together as you take the plunge and there’s a drain plug for when you’re one. Granted, this isn't the deepest you can buy, bit if you’re looking for a quick and easy plunge option then this might fit the bill.

5-Person 1-Jet Inflatable Spa

5-Person 1-Jet Inflatable Spa| £61.99 at Wayfair
If you’re tempted by a pool and want to dip your toe into the water before committing to a full-on XL-sized option then try this for size. It’s not the biggest, but it’ll still hold 5377 litres, which is pretty decent by anyone’s pool standards. On a practical note, it’s inflatable too, which means there’s no faffing around with metal frames and what not. Those frameless sides are fashioned from Tritech, which is a cool combination of materials that make the pool durable and surprisingly strong. Best of all though, this is super-easy to setup and, then take down and store when needed.

Summer Waves White Pool

Summer Waves White Pool | £150 at Argos
With its 4792 litre capacity and 30-minute fill time this pool makes a great option if you get a sudden urge to take the plunge. While it’s sturdy and easy to put up, the pool can also be packed away when you’re done splashing around. Granted, this 10-footer can't be classed as Olympic-sized and it’s round anyway, but there’s space enough for a few folks; quite how many depends on how well you know them. The self-assembly package comes complete with a repair kit, protective cover and a filter pump too.

Bates 6-Person 1 Jet Spa

Bates 6-Person 1 Jet Spa | £1899.99 at Wayfair
This steel and PVC super-size pool is able to accommodate up to six people with ease and holds a gargantuan 19500 litres of water. What's more, the white exterior and blue liner makes it look a little more upmarket than your average temporary pool. The manufacturers also say you can put it above ground or actually in the ground, if you want a more permanent water feature. Cool.

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