Where to buy bread makers online from just £45: make bread at home the easy and cheap way

These bread makers are priced from £45 to £240 and they will sell out FAST

Best cheap bread maker deals
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Looking for a bread maker? Of course you are! We all are! The media is full of stories about home bread making, how to make bread, and explanations of why everyone has started making bread at home all of a sudden. However, frustrated bread heads have found that bread makers completely sold out early on in the pandemic. But now they are back, back, back! For a bit, before they all sell out again.

Stop reading this nonsense and make your way to Argos AT ONCE, bread makers of Britain. 

• Buy bread makers at Argos from £45 to £240

Want to know what's available? Sadly, we can't tell you exactly what bread makers are on sale at Argos where YOU are right now, but we do know all of these are available somewhere in the UK. 

We found we had to go through the list until we found ones available in London, Bristol, Bath and elsewhere. And you will have to do that too. Apologies for any frustration this may cause; just think of the delicious home-made bread you stand to receive at the end of all the clicking...

There are these cheap options for bakers on a budget.  

• Buy Cookworks Breadmaker white £45

• Buy Morphy Richards 48281 Breadmaker white £60

• Buy Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact Breadmaker black £65

…But we know that Panasonic bread makers (or breadmakers as Argos calls them) are what the people really want. For them, you gotta pay a little more. 

 • Buy Panasonic SD-2500WXC Breadmaker white £100

• Buy Panasonic SD-2511KXC Breadmaker black £160

• Buy Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Breadmaker stainless steel £180

• Buy Panasonic SD-ZX2522KXC Breadmaker black and grey £240 

Bread makers, as their name suggests, are used to make bread. With the best bread makers, you almost literally just have to chuck in the usual bread-type ingredients, press a button marked 'Make Some Bread' and then return to freshly baked bread an hour or so later.

While stainless steel looks nicer, we usually recommend plastic bread makers, as they don't get as hot during cooking. But the choice is yours (depending on what Argos has available in your area).

If you don't snap these up now, you will feel what the French call 'pain'. There's plenty of flour and in the shops. Not much yeast admittedly, but you can always make a sourdough starter.

Panasonic SD-2500WXC, white

Panasonic SD-2500WXC, white £100 at Argos
This entry level Panasonic breadmaker has 25 programmes and will rustle you up a loaf of up to 1.2kg in as little as 115 minutes. Three adjustable crust settings cater for every taste in crusts. 'Also suitable for making jam and cakes,' it says here. The white plastic finish isn't ideal in some ways, but it is cool to the touch.
This deal will run out very soon. Availability varies by region.

Panasonic SD-2511KXC, black

Panasonic SD-2511KXC, black £160 at Argos
This mid-priced Panasonic breadmaker comes in bold black and even more programmes than the white one. These include 'white bread, french bread, whole-wheat, quick bread, gluten free, rye bread, speciality, pizza base, brioche, dough and bake.' Does appear to be very similar to the white one, other than that.
This deal will run out very soon. Availability varies by region.

Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC, stainless steel

Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC, stainless steel £180 at Argos
This is much the same as the above. It has a mere 27 programmes, but is in a far more fetching, stainless steel finish. That attractive will get a little toasty during cooking, so be a bit careful.
This deal will run out very soon. Availability varies by region.

Panasonic SD-ZX2522KXC, black and grey

Panasonic SD-ZX2522KXC, black and grey £240 at Argos
Serving up both the most practical yet attractive finish, and an entirely ludicrous 37 programmes, including gluten-free and 'quick bread' options, this is admittedly a tad pricier. But if you really want to get into baking your own bread, you might as well get a really good bread maker now, that will last for years.
This deal will run out very soon. Availability varies by region.

Budget bread makers

Argos also has the following on sale, for more parsimonious bakers, or people who only want to bake bread for the duration of lockdown, before going back to Warburtons. 

Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact, black

Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact, black £65 at Argos
This is a perfectly stylish looking bread maker for the price. It has 12 programmes, a max loaf size of 1kg, and 3 adjustable crust settings. Its 55 mins fast-bake time is actually quicker than a Panasonic.
This deal will run out very soon. Availability varies by region.

Morphy Richards 4828, white

Morphy Richards 4828, white £60 at Argos
Sure, nobody is going to think they've accidentally gone into Nigella Lawson's house when they see this in your kitchen, but it's only 60 quid and makes 12 styles of doubtless very tasty bread, from bread that is white, like its casing to bread that is French, like Morphy Richards' parent company. Max loaf: 900g. Fast bake time: 50 mins.
This deal will run out very soon. Availability varies by region.

Cookworks Breadmaker white

Cookworks Breadmaker white £45 at Argos
This is about the same price as one loaf of bread at London's trendy Borough Market, so it is quite the bargain. Its 12 programmes include white, wholewheat, 'sweet bread' and even French bread. Given that the maximum bread size is just 680g, that will be a rather compact baguette, mind you. The fastest bake time is 120 minutes, which is about as long as it will take for these to sell out entirely.
This deal will run out very soon. Availability varies by region.

Do you need a mixer to go with that?

KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L stand mixer

KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L stand mixer £299 at Argos | Was £499
Save £200! In gleaming silver metal (not the red shown here), the KitchenAid Artisan is built like a tank, yet much less noisy than one, and far less destructive. KitchenAid's renowned ‘planetary motion’ makes easy work of dough making, whiskingm mixing, blending . Currys has a £200-off offer on the same mixer, but in a creamy milkshake finish that will bring the boys to your yard.

Best KitchenAid mixer deals are GO!

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