Best Buy's Super Bowl TV deals include a cheap 65 inch 4K TV for just $400

Get a Toshiba 4K Fire TV for just $400 – $200 off!

Toshiba 4K HDR TV
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The holiday sales may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't find a good deal on a cheap 4K TV right now. The new year brings with it new deals, and Best Buy is dropping new weekly offers to usher in the year with some stellar savings.

In particular, some great deals on 4K TVs. One in particular is an incredible buy, whether you're looking for a good TV to watch your favorite movies or shows, or to game with. Fire TVs are solid smart TVs that often come in the budget-friendly price ranges, and this is definitely worth a look if you're hoping to find a cheap 4K TV on sale.

Check out the Toshiba C350 Series 65 inch 4K Smart TV for just $399.99

At its standard price tag of $599.99, it's already one of the best TVs under $1,000 you can get right now. Take another $200 off that price and you've got an incredible deal on a 4K TV that features the complete Fire TV experience.

Stream your favorite Prime shows or movies directly on the TV, or load up your favorite streaming apps including DIsney+, Paramount+, HBO Max, and more to expand your content library dramatically. The good part about smart TVs is that they've got massive capabilities in accessing just about any streaming service you prefer.

This particular model, the Toshiba C350 Series, offers a great balance of features and impressive technical specs that make the $400 price tag well worth it.

Including features like HDR10 and Dolby Vision kick up the visual fidelity by a mile, offering incredible picture quality in your favorite movies and shows. The refresh rate is a standard 60 Hz, but it features Motion Rate 120 technology to smoothen out the frame rate even further.

As a standard LED display it'll offer solid picture quality overall, but with the added HDR10/Dolby Vision support and Motion Rate 120 smoothing it'll be a stellar TV for the living room. Even if you are looking for a gaming TV, it'll offer a solid platform for your Xbox or PS5.

PS5 owners unfortunately won't be able to take advantage of any VRR support, but that's not entirely a negative considering the price point of this display right now.

Other mainstay features including Amazon Alexa support, as well as some of the top streaming services built in, this is a solid yet cheap 65 inch 4K TV deal that we're happy to put on the spotlight.

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