Best Black Friday sales on Apple Watch

It's Apple Watch Black Friday sale time with these sales on various models

Apple Watch Black Friday deals
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If you’re hunting for Apple Watch sales this Black Friday, you should have plenty of luck. Apple and retailers have kept more than a few generations of the watches around, meaning there are more models to find discounts on among the best Black Friday deals

For iPhone owners, the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch to buy thanks to its deep integration with the rest of the Apple ecosystem. But, the watch is also well built and powerful in its own right. So, even though you could get a different smartwatch, there’s not much reason to.

The real question for the Apple Watch this Black Friday is which model to get. The Apple Watch Series 7 is the latest from Apple, so anyone wanting the most advanced tech and the biggest display need look no further. You can still find the Series 6 and Series 5 on sale, though, and going a generation or two older can help you save some money, even before factoring in Black Friday discounts. Then there are also the Series 3 and Apple Watch SE, two models Apple offers at a significantly lower price than the top-of-the-line Series 7.

With so many options to choose from and Black Friday discounts to boot, you should have an easy time grabbing an Apple Watch at a great price this year.


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Apple Watch Series 7
The Apple Watch Series 7 is the latest and greatest. It comes with the largest display thanks to reduced bezels, and you’ll get a bright always-on display. The design and extra performance under the hood come at a steep price, but that’s what these Black Friday deals are here to help with.

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Apple Watch Series 6
If you want to save a bit on your Apple Watch, you can always go with the Series 6. By going a generation older, you won’t be missing out on too much performance or capability, but you’ll be able to get a better price. And, with Black Friday deals, your savings can get even better.

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Apple Watch SE
The Apple Watch SE trims back a few features, like an always-on display and ECG function, to come in at a lower price. This is a solid way to go if you want on-wrist notifications and Siri controls as well as capable fitness tracking. The starting price is a perk, and the Black Friday discounts just make it even easier to grab.

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Apple Watch Series 3
Apple has kept the Apple Watch Series 3 around as its budget option. It doesn’t have a lot of the newer features and lacks an always-on display, but you can still get handy smartwatch functionality out of it and a great price only improved by Black Friday discounts.

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Apple Watch Series 5
The Apple Watch Series 5 may not be coming directly from Apple, but you can still find it available from retailers. And, since it’s a bit more dated, you can find steeper discounts. It still has some of the premium features Apple offers from its watches though, like the ECG function and an always-on display.


Amazon Apple Watch deals (opens in new tab)

Amazon Apple Watch deals (opens in new tab)
Amazon keeps a ton of Apple products available whether you’re looking for new, used, or even renewed units. This can help you get a great deal on an Apple Watch, especially during Black Friday.

Walmart Apple Watch deals (opens in new tab)

Walmart Apple Watch deals (opens in new tab)
Walmart goes hard on Black Friday, so you’ll want to see what it has to offer on the Apple Watch. With so many models to choose from, you’re bound to find a good deal from this major retailer.

Best Buy Apple Watch deals (opens in new tab)

Best Buy Apple Watch deals (opens in new tab)
Don’t sleep on Best Buy’s Black Friday deals. The store has a ton of electronics and appliances, making it a great spot to check for discounts on the Apple Watch.

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