Best Amazon Prime Day vacuum cleaner deals: one hour left to buy

From Dyson vacs to the best Dyson clones and the cleverest robots, these are the pick of the Prime Day clean-up squad

Best Amazon Prime Day vacuum cleaner deals
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Looking for a vacuum cleaner deal in the Amazon Prime Day sales? Whether it's a Dyson cordless vacuum you want, a robot vacuum cleaner or a plug in one that takes bags like it's 1997 or something, these are the best deals on Amazon Prime Day. We've listed them in order of preference, but they're all good. You have an hour to buy, or you might have to wait till Black Friday to find better vacuum cleaners deals. (Want Dyson deals specifically? We've got even more of those elsewhere.)

Best cordless vacuum cleaner Amazon Prime Day deals

Bosch BCS122GB Cordless Vac

Bosch BCS122GB Cordless Vac £280 | Was £362, save £82 at Amazon
What if we told you that you could get a cordless vac as good as a Dyson for just £280… and it comes with TWO batteries? Well, that's what we're telling you here. Build quality and indeed everything quality are well up to Bosch's usual standards and you can even use the batteries in your Bosch drill if you like (same battery system). Exceptional value.

Shark IF130UKTH

Shark IF130UKTH £199.99 | Was £369.99 | Save £169 at Amazon
This may lack the stylish panache of the Bosch or a Dyson but can either of them bend in the middle in order to vacuum under beds? No they cannot. This powerful – and suddenly very cheap – Shark cordless vacuum cleaner also has a powerful headlight. It's eccentric, sure, but it's also an excellent deal.

Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 Absolute £349 | Was £399 | Save £50 at Amazon
This is admittedly not the most amazing deal but it is one of our favourite Dyson cordless vacuums. It's the last one they did before going all out for power and size and as such as a really great mix of handheld finesse, but with enough suction to clean floors – especially hard floors – very well. It's only real a 'deal' in the sense that at the V8 Absolute Pro costs £399 and, despite the name, is the exact same product but with two extra little attachments that nobody really needs. So you could think of this as being £50 off. 

Gtech Pro Bagged

Gtech Pro Bagged £149.99 | Was £199.99 | Save £50 at Amazon
This 22V cordless Dyson rival from Gtech has one unusual trick: it isn't bagless. Gtech says this makes it more 'Pro' and who are we to argue? With 40 minutes of very proficient cleaning between charges and the ease of emptying that comes with using 1.5-litre bags (not that the best bagless models are exactly hard to empty) this super-affordable cordless is excellent value.

Gtech AirRam Mk II

Gtech AirRam Mk II £149.99 | Was £199.99 | Save £50 at Amazon
There's also £50 off Gtech's wildly popular cordless upright. Granted you can't use it to do your car or dust your shelves as you can with most cordless vacuum cleaners but it makes for incredibly convenient floor cleaning. A 'K9' version for pet owners is also available but only has a tenner off, alas.

Shark NV801UK Powered Lift-Away

Shark NV801UK Powered Lift-Away £180 | Was £329, save £149 at Amazon
This is a seriously powerful cordless vacuum. Again with Shark, the design is rather brutal – but then so is the suction power. As the name suggests, it's possible to 'Lift Away' part of the Shark to use as a handheld, giving a great mix of power and portability. We’re also sold on the huge £149.01 discount (we rounded up above for neatness).

• Hoover FD22RA Freedom 3-in-1

• Hoover FD22RA Freedom 3-in-1 £79.99 | Was £129.99 |Save £50 at Amazon
If you want a really cheap Dyson clone, look no further than this versatile and affordable number from Hoover. The 22v battery gives solid cleaning for up to 25 minutes, and it weighs less than 2.3kg. The bin is lined with silver-ion to kill bacteria, so you could probably eat your dinner out of it, not that we would. 

Best robot vacuum cleaner Amazon Prime Day deals

iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960 £499.99 | Was £799 | Save £299.01 at Amazon
One of the best iRobots you can get, this has uncannily intelligent navigation and great cleaning with '5x the power', whatever that may mean. Like all the robots in Amazon Prime Day, this was over-priced but now all of a sudden it's good value. All it takes is a little, tiny, £300 price cut.

iRobot Roomba 981

iRobot Roomba 981 £689.99 | Was £824.24 | Save £138.25
Very similar to the above – in fact identical to the untrained eye – this actually boasts even better suction with 'up to 10x the power' applied when it detects it's on carpet. In short, if you have lots of carpets, especially deep one, consider this. If you have hard floors in the main, the cheaper 960 is a better deal.

Neato Robotics Botvac D750 Pet Edition

Neato Robotics Botvac D750 Pet Edition | £429.99 | Was £766.11 | Save £337 at Amazon
Another HUGE price plummet on this Neato makes it well worth considering. Neato was the first brand to make robot vacuums that weren't almost illegally annoying and the laser guidance system, clever mapping and strong suction of the D750 still stand up well today. Especially at this ker-razy price.

Best robot vacuum deal in America only (sorry UK)

Roborock S5

Roborock S5 $399 | Was $699 | Save $300 at
It's now been surpassed by the Roborock S6 but this offers outstanding cleaning and navigation for a robot that costs under £400. With stronger suction and battery life than rivals costing far more, this is worryingly intelligent robot whose only weak spots are edge cleaning. Oh and it also has a mop attachment that is not great… but for this price, we'll let that pass.

Best Miele vacuum cleaner Amazon Prime Day deals 

Miele Complete C3 Silence

Miele Complete C3 Silence £160 | Was £232, save £72 at Amazon
The Miele Complete C3 Silence comes with a 'complete' set of tools and is 'silent'. Well, it's very quiet anyway. Another 'Amazon’s Choice' product, this is a best buy vacuum cleaner from the premium German homewares brand, even before you factor in the chopping off of a third of its normal price.

Miele Complete C2 PowerLine

Miele Complete C2 PowerLine £124 | Was £190 | Save £66 at Amazon
With a chunky £66 off the asking price this Miele Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is a great deal. Especially if you have hard floors, Miele vacs are about the best you can get, and they're great on carpet too. Everything is built and executed with typically German precision, making this premium vac a joy, especially with £66 off.

Best steam cleaner, carpet cleaner and pressure washer deals for Amazon Prime Day

Kärcher K2 Pressure Washer

Kärcher K2 Pressure Washer £134 | was £170 | Save £36 at Amazon
One of the best pressure washers you can gets a price cut of 21 per cent. Lightweight and powerful machine, the K2 makes light work of cleaning patios, cars, children and unwanted Jehovah's Witnesses, but is surprisingly economical with the old H2O.

Kärcher SC4 EasyFix

Kärcher SC4 EasyFix £190 | Was £246 | Save £56 at Amazon
Another loveably yellow Kärcher, this is down in price for one more day, saving you £56 as well as saving time on cleaning. Like all the best steam cleaners, this shifts dirt on most surfaces with minimal effort, with no need for chemicals and little need of elbow grease. It's also so easy to clean up after you've used it. From worktops to floors, you'll wonder how you ever lived without this.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution £200 | Was £280 |Save £80 at Amazon
There’s a very sizeable chunk of cash off the Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner, which is ideal for regular cleaning, getting to grips with stains such as muddy paw prints and unfortunate, pet-related accidents. It's also great for deep cleaning your much loved but poorly maintained rugs and carpets. At this price, why not?

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