Bang & Olufsen unveil BeoLab 17, 18 and 19 wireless speakers

New WiSA standard promises 'Immaculate Wireless Sound'

Bang & Olufsen has unveiled what they're calling the only speakers to offer 'Immaculate Wireless Sound' by using the ultra-powerful 5.2-5.8GHz wireless spectrum

Bang & Olufsen has unveiled three brand-new wireless speakers, the BeoLab 17, 18 and 19. All three speakers will use the new WiSA standard which communicates using the powerful 5.2-5.8GHz spectrum offering what B&O is promising as 'Immaculate Wireless Sound'.

With wireless home audio systems already being offered by Sonos and Pure B&O will be looking to take the ultra-premium segment by offering what they claim will be the future of wireless audio with the WiSA standard.

The BeoLab 17 is the smallest of the group and has been designed as a 'bookshelf speaker' letting you either place two either side of a TV or by simply having one placed horizontally in a room.

Using a single sheet of high-quality brushed aluminium the BeoLab 17 has been able to keep its wireless credentials intact through the addition of four antennas dotted around the speaker.

With dual-160-watt amplifiers and a digital sound engine the BeoLab 17 boasts 40 times the processing power over analogue circuitry allowing the 17 to sound far bigger than its physical dimensions would imply.

Next up is the BeoLab 18, the replacement to Bang & Olufsen's iconic 8000 series. Whilst the classic cone shape remains the BeoLab 18 is an entirely new speaker boasting a bold new design and all-digital components inside.

Whilst extruded aluminium makes up the majority of the body an Oak lamella front fans out in front. To overcome the aural complexities of such a complex shape in front of the speaker B&O has equipped the BeoLab 18 with two custom-made 4-inch midrange/woofer drivers that run in parallel along with separate 160-watt amplifiers.

Of course just like the rest of the range the 18 features the new WiSA standard which means you'll be able to stream 24-bit uncompressed music at native sampling rates.

Finally there's the BeoLab 19, Bang & Olufsen's first wireless subwoofer. Using a unique dodecahedron shape this hunk of high-quality audio tech is able to pump out utterly deep lows whilst still remaining crystal clear.

This is achieved by having two drivers which operate in-phase which then creates an equal-but-opposite effect all but eliminating any vibrations thus allowing for clearer quality sound.

All three speakers are available next month with the BeoLab 17 costing a handsome £2,590 per set whilst the BeoLab 18 will cost an even more premium £3,990 for two with an extra £790 for those solid Oak lamellas.

Last but not least the BeoLab 19 will set you back £2,195 which means that should you be planning on buying the entire set you'll be looking at an impressive £10,325.

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