Back to school deals: Save over £100 on Microsoft Surface Pro laptops at Currys

Heading back to school or to university in September? Microsoft has the perfect devices for you.

Microsoft Surface Go deals Currys back to school
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'Back to school' season is in full swing in the UK, even if all the disruption this year means it doesn't feel like it. Still, the march towards kids getting back to school or university continues, even if that means they'll be studying from home. If you're taking the plunge into the next step of your education, upgrading your setup can be important and Microsoft has you covered with fantastic deals on Surface devices at Currys right now.

In some ways, Microsoft kind of came from nowhere with the Surface and has delivered an absolute smash hit across campuses, offices, and homes around the world. Pairing the latest version of Windows 10 with bespoke hardware, all of the Surface laptops are worth seriously considering. 

It's not too far to say the Surface line are the MacBooks of the Windows world, mostly because they are just that good. Microsoft has really thought about how people actually use their tools, adding a bunch of snazzy features to make life easier, like Windows Hello face unlock alongside the Office suite. 

The devices on offer today are from the Surface Pro lineup, which, as the name suggests, are built for more heavy duty tasks than their Surface Go counterparts. As we found in our Surface Pro review, there is a lot to love: powerful internals, lovely design and hardware, USB-C support, fantastic display, and great pen support. No matter what you throw at it, the Surface Pro has got you covered. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (12.3-inch) | Platinum | Intel Core i3 | 128GB SSD | 4GB RAM | Windows 10 | Was £799 | Now £699 | Available from Currys
This is the baby of the Surface Pro family but don't let that fool you: the base-spec model will be enough for most people, especially at the pretty reasonable £699 price point. With Intel's i3 processor, Office, and 128GB storage, it'll easily chomp through essay writing.View Deal

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (12.3-inch) | Black | Intel Core i5 | 256GB SSD | 8GB RAM | Windows 10 | Was £1,169 | Now £1,069 | Available from Currys
As you might have guessed, this is the more hefty version of the Surface Pro, with double the storage, RAM, and the more powerful i5 processor from Intel. This does come at a bit of a price, however, so make sure you need that extra oomph.View Deal

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (12.3-inch) | Black | Intel Core i7 | 512GB SSD | 16GB RAM | Windows 10 | Was £1,849 | Now £1,649 | Available from Currys
If you've made it this far, you're looking for some serious power and the Surface Pro with Intel's i7, 16GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD will deliver, no matter what you want to do. It's basically a desktop in a laptop's body. View Deal

So, when the new term rolls around, make sure you're best equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you with a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro. Plus, you can save over £100 right now.