Back to school bargains: iPhone XR, 100GB data, £35/month on Three

Whether you're heading back to school, college, or university, having a brand new iPhone XR will be a huge bonus

Three Apple iPhone XR deal
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We get it: going back to school sucks, but there's no reason that all parts of the experience should be bad and Three has something up its sleeve with this spicy iPhone XR deal: 100GB data, unlimited calls and texts, and more for just £35/month.

The iPhone XR is a bit of a beast and perhaps the iPhone that we would most fully recommend for most people. As we found in our iPhone XR review, Apple has put a bit of everything into this phone, resulting in a relatively inexpensive (for an iPhone, at least) handset with all of the top-tier features. The only compelling reason you'd for for the iPhone 11 is because of the cameras. 

Everything here is great: battery life is amazing, easily lasting a full day; it's incredibly slick and powerful, never feeling slow loading apps; the camera, while not iPhone 11 standard, is really strong; and the built quality is excellent. Plus, you can get it in a bunch of funky colours.

This really is a great accompaniment to anyone's lives, especially students. If you plan on arriving in a new city, and meeting a bunch of new people, why not have the latest and greatest tech to support you, record your memories, and whatever else.

What Three is offering is pretty stellar, too, with oodles of data – trust us, 100GB is enough for basically any needs – and the usual perks. For example, you have the Go Binge set of services, which lets you access Snapchat, Netflix, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and other popular services without cutting into your allowance.

Three as a network is known for great service and routinely offering fantastic deals, especially on SIM Only plans, meaning you'll never be without access to lightning fast data no matter where you are in the UK or abroad. 

Apple iPhone XR (64GB, White) | Three | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | 24 month contract | £49 upfront | £35/month | Available from Three

Apple iPhone XR (64GB, White) | Three | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | 24 month contract | £49 upfront | £35/month | Available from Three
If you aren't convinced by what we said above, then we don't know what to tell you besides: this is one of the best iPhones ever made, it'll easily meet and exceed your needs, and 100GB data for just £35/month is a ridiculously good deal. 

So, if you're leaving the nest, or even if you left the nest a while ago and want to change things up, don't sleep on this wicked iPhone XR deal from Three with 100GB data and more for a very, very reasonable price. 

Max Slater-Robins

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