ASICS' latest running shoes are inspired by the Japanese phrase "shinrin-yoku"

The NATURE BATHING Collection features ASICS’ most popular running shoes turned into road/trail hybrids

ASICS launches NATURE BATHING hybrid trail/road running shoe collection
(Image credit: ASICS)

A couple of years back, I envisioned the influx of hybrid road/trail shoes – I thought it was inevitable for companies to start producing such running shoes to cater for the new wave of runners who don't want to be defined as road or trail runners. And while the deluge of hybrid running shoes is yet to happen, they are constantly being released, with the latest addition to the ever-increasing range being ASICS' NATURE BATHING Collection.

The latest footwear and apparel drop is inspired by the Japanese phrase "shinrin-yoku" which translates to "a visit to the forest for relaxation." In many cultures, this is widely known as forest or nature bathing – hence the name of the new assemblage. The NATURE BATHING Collection features ASICS' most popular running shoes outfitted with the 'trail-inspired 'ASICS LITE rubber outsole for added grip and durability. The letters TR were added to the product names as these functional hybrid shoes enable runners to TRansition between road and trail easily.

ASICS launches NATURE BATHING hybrid trail/road running shoe collection

(Image credit: ASICS)

The collection consists of four different shoes for both men and women, including the NOVABLAST 3 TR shoes, the GEL-NIMBUS 24 TR and GEL-CUMULUS 24 TR shoes, as well as the GT-1000 11 TR trainers. ASICS says that the colour palettes used throughout each shoe’s design are rendered with calming neutral hues that mirror the tones commonly found in outdoor environments. Additionally, the sock liners are contrasted with kanji characters that translate to the words “tree” and “forest.” 

In line with ASICS’ ZERO DISTRACTION Apparel design concept, the collection is completed with head-to-toe looks for both men and women. The looks consist of a long-sleeve referencing the brand’s well-known FUJITRAIL inspiration.

Inspired by offroad running adventures, both women's and men's looks can be layered with the FUJITRAIL ANORAK, an all-season jacket designed to help protect against rain and wind and features a ventilation system. All of the apparel items have been made with at least 50% recycled materials.

The NATURE BATHING Collection is available directly from ASICS US, ASICS UK, ASICS AU and specialists running outlets globally from September 2022.

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