New breed of Windows 10 notebooks promise all-day battery life

Say goodbye to running out of juice mid-presentation or mid-movie

Qualcomm has, in partnership with Microsoft, announced its first series of ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops and it's focussing on battery life as a selling point.

The announcement, which came at Qualcomm's second annual Snapdragon Technology Summit, revealed that the new systems are powered by its Snapdragon 835 processor and deliver an "always on and always connected" experience with Gigabit LTE speed.

According to Qualcomm's jazzy reveal trailer, the new ARM-powered systems will deliver an "all-day battery life". Get your dancing shoes and hype on below: 

The first Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PC is the Asus NovaGo, which will launch early next year, to be followed by an ARM-powered HP ENVY x2 and others.

Speaking on the announcement, executive vice president of Microsoft's Windows and devices group, Terry Myerson, said that:

“Always Connected PCs are instantly on, always connected with a week of battery life." That battery life is when in standby, we assume. "Powered by the Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform, these Always PCs have huge benefits for organizations, enabling a new culture of work, better security and lower costs for IT.”

We think this is a really interesting development in the Windows 10 PC space. Microsoft has already natively compiled Windows 10 to run on ARM chipsets, so that means no emulation across core processes and apps like Edge, so providing other apps don't get too much of a performance hit by operating on ARM, then that tasty battery life and always on, always connected functionality could lead to some very well received new systems.

Time will tell, naturally, but we feel these are definitely products to keep an eye on as we move into 2018.