Apple's major sci-fi reboot gets full trailer ahead of imminent release this month

Time Bandits looks like time-hopping fun

Time Bandits
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Just a few days on from revealing the first image of its time-travelling, Apple has unveiled the first trailer for Time Bandits, its new sci-fi series designed for the whole family. 

The show looks like it'll be a romp through a whole heap of historical (and futuristic) scenes, just as you'd hope, with Lisa Kudrow's Penelope leading a ragtag gang of misfits through time-hopping heists. 

Time Bandits — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube Time Bandits — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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Much like the beloved original movie from 1981, we'll see the whole thing through the eyes of one lucky kid. Kevin's an 11-year-old history geek who struggles to fit in, but his life changes when his bedroom wardrobe becomes a portal to other times. 

It doesn't seem like it'll take long for the Time Bandits to pick him up and include him in their fun, and from the looks of it, the series will take them to a huge range of fun locations and times, introducing some famous names and their advisors. 

Of course, a show like this needs some stakes, and it would seem that Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement, who have effectively co-created the whole thing, will take on roles as villains trying to reclaim an all-important time map from the Bandits.

There's a huge amount of value to be had in the likes of Apple beefing up its family-friendly content – while dark thrillers and mature sci-fi musings are all very welcome, you can't really be the best streaming service unless you have shows and movies fit for all ages. 

We're now just a couple of weeks away from being able to see how Time Bandits stacks up, too – it starts streaming on 24 July and will probably use a weekly release schedule, which is something that Apple seems increasingly committed to (and it's not the only one). 

So, circle that date and get ready for some fun if you're a fan of the highly-rated movie, or if you're just looking for something light-hearted to watch. With "Season 1" plastered prominently on Apple's materials for the show, it seems like there are high hopes for more Time Bandits if enough people watch it, after all.  

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