Apple's biggest ever MacBook Air could be just weeks away

Multiple insiders say Apple is planning a tempting trio of tech launches

Apple MacBook Air M2
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's rumoured 15.5-inch MacBook Air may launch in the next few weeks. That's according to display analyst Ross Young, a pundit with a good track record of Apple-related predictions. According to Young, the new MacBook Air will launch at the beginning of April and may be announced even sooner.

It wouldn't been the first time Apple's launched new Macs in the spring. In 2021, it unveiled the current iMac and iPad Pro, and it also introduced the purple colour option for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

It may do the same for the iPhone 14 too, but this time the colour isn't purple. It's yellow. According to  Japanese blog Mac Otakara, a leaker on the Weibo social network says that's coming this spring too.

What is Apple planning for Spring 2023?

We can't confirm the yellow iPhone rumour – the leaker isn't one we've heard of before – but Apple does like to offer mid-year colour refreshes, and we've previously had yellow versions of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR. I think a yellow iPhone 14 would look pretty great, although I doubt Apple will offer something quite so fun for its more sober and expensive iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

In addition to the yellow iPhone 14 and the larger MacBook Air, Apple is also expected to unveil a new version of the Mac Pro. This one will be powered by the M2 Ultra system and should look much like the current model. According to reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman an even faster M2 Extreme chip was planned and then cancelled. Gurman also says that the new Mac Pro won't have user-upgradeable RAM, something we're becoming used to with Apple-powered Macs.

It's possible that this new Mac may be announced at the same time as the other products, but it's probably more likely to be held back until the summer when Apple has its developers conference, WWDC. 

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