Apple Watch Ultra users get a brilliant free upgrade in WatchOS 10

It makes the smartwatch even more intuitive to use

Apple Watch Ultra
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At WWDC 2023 earlier this week, we saw the launch of WatchOS 10. That update looks set to be one of the most significant in the history of the Apple Watch, with a redesign that alters the core operation of the product.

One of the biggest changes comes to the way widgets are viewed. Now, users can simply spin the digital crown to scroll through widgets on the home screen.

That's a great update. It should make it more simple than ever to get access to useful information at a glance, with users able to customise the section based on what is most useful to them.

It does pose a potential problem for Apple Watch Ultra users, though. On the Wayfinder watch face – which is exclusive to the Ultra – the transition between light and dark mode has traditionally used the same input method.

With that no longer active, users would have to make the change in the watch face settings. That's not a particularly seamless transition, and it's likely to be too long-winded for most. There is a better solution, though.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the software update includes an automatic setting, which should be enabled by default. This uses the ambient light sensor on the watch to detect when the darker face would be optimal, and makes the change.

That's a brilliant upgrade. It should make it far more seamless for users, with no need to input anything manually to change between faces. The ambient light sensor on that device is pretty good too, so I'd expect it to work well.

Users can upgrade to WatchOS 10 for free right now. That will give you access to the developer beta, though do be aware that it may be peppered with bugs. If that's not your cup of tea, the public beta should be released next month, with a full public release later in the autumn.

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