Apple Watch Series 8 suddenly looks even more appealing

Important new capabilities are coming to the Apple Watch this year

Apple Watch with watchOS 9
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There's a new feature reportedly coming to the Apple Watch Series 8, and I wish I had it in my Apple Watch Series 7: a new sensor will be able to detect elevated body temperatures and let you know if you appear to have a fever.

Now, as someone who's luck in avoiding COVID has finally run out, that would have given me enough warning to cancel a few catch-ups over the weekend that I now feel very guilty about.

Temperature sensors were also rumoured for the next generation of Apple's best true wireless earbuds, the AirPods Pro 2, but apparently those plans have been put back.

This information comes courtesy of Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who says that the rumoured heart rate and body temperatures aren't coming to any AirPods anytime soon.

Apple Watch Series 8

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What to expect from the Apple Watch Series 8

It seems that we need to curb our enthusiasm for this year's Apple Watch: unlike previous years Apple won't be putting in a more powerful system on a chip or making significant redesigns – although we do know there will be a new, more rugged model. Otherwise the next Apple Watch should look very much like the Series 6 and the Series 7. 

The body temperature sensor might not be the only upgrade, however. Gurman suggest that there may be updated displays in the higher end models, although there are no details of what that might entail beyond Gurman's hopes that they're a little brighter.

One of the most interesting things in Gurman's latest newsletter isn't hardware; it's his reporting on tensions within Apple's chip-making division, which is apparently dealing with tough targets and incredible workplace stress. Gurman suggests that Apple's chipmakers are spread too thinly, and the emphasis on making more powerful M2 MacBook Pros has meant that this year, Apple has been in maintenance mode with the iPhone 14, iPad and Apple Watch. That would explain why the new A-series silicon isn't coming to the more affordable iPhone 14s, and why the Series 8 Apple Watch appears to be such a minor upgrade.

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