Apple Watch Series 6 could pack even more Samsung Galaxy Watch beating health metrics

Apple has been granted 46 new patents, including a device that might help taking blood pressure

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If you're feeling full to bursting after Christmas, and want a smartwatch to keep you on the straight and narrow in 2020, you'd best get yourself down to your nearest Apple store. The Apple Watch Series 5 is one of the best smart devices on the planet when it comes to delivering top-tier health metrics. However, if you thought the existing Apple Watch products were good, you ain't seen nothing yet.

According to, which keeps a close eye on these things, Apple has recently been granted patents for 46 new technologies by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Among the technologies are next-generation advancements on aspects like glass device housings, including chemically strengthened glass incorporated into devices, glass with spaces for speaker ports, audio and electrical ports and lots of other logical advancement on pre-existing elements of Apple devices. Even iMacs could one day come with 100% glass cases, with comparatively little of Apple's signature metal involved in the casing process. 

Others included the ability to provide visual navigation instructions even while the device is locked, or keeping data continuity between wireless devices. However, one of the most exciting patents granted is titled "Apple advances Apple Watch Band Invention to Include an Embedded Strain Gauge to Record Accurate Health Data." We're given comparatively little to go on, but its said to "secure the unit against the user's skin to deliver more accurate health readings".

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Not only could this improve the accuracy of the health metrics already provided, but one thing Apple haven't mentioned is that pressure gauges are often used via the finger to take blood pressure readings. 

Rather than strap up your finger or use a blood pressure cuff, wouldn't it be great if you could simply issue a command and the band tightens, allowing you to take an accurate reading?

It must be stressed that all these patents are granted, but this does not confirm that they will be featured in a future Apple device. However, with all the big manufacturers gearing up to unveil their devices in early 2020, such as the Samsung Galaxy S11, Apple will need to pull out some showstopping tech in order to retain its place as a leader in smart devices.

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