Apple Watch FINALLY gets a camera but it costs as much as the Apple Watch SE

A new accessory kits out your Apple Watch with a dual camera for HD video and 4K pics

Apple Watch Wristcam Attachment
(Image credit: Wristcam)

Over the course of the last few generations, particularly with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch has steadily become an ever more versatile device. However, one feature which has yet to come to the product in any shape or form is an in-built camera.

However, that has now changed thanks to a new third-party Apple Watch accessory, called Wristcam. This specialised camera attachment has been designed exclusively for the Apple Watch and effectively transforms the smartwatch into a wrist-mounted camera.

At present, there is no way for users to take photos on an Apple Watch. While the device can be connected to an iPhone camera, this is purely so that the smartwatch can serve as a trigger, allowing you to take photos on your iPhone remotely.

The Wristcam, on the other hand, is a dedicated camera attachment. Much like a traditional smartphone, it features two separate cameras: a primary, outward-facing 8 MP camera for taking photos, and  a user-facing 2 MP camera for selfies. The 8MP camera shoots 1080p HD video, and snaps 4K pics, while both can also be used for video calls.

Attaching over the wrist-band of your Apple Watch, the Wristcam uses Bluetooth and WiFi to transfer photos to your iPhone photo gallery or cloud storage. The camera is extremely easy to use thanks to the quick capture button, that takes a photo with a single press, records video with a long press, and lets you switch cameras with a double press; it even offers 8 GB of onboard storage for saving photos and video.

Although the attachment has its own battery which must be charged separately, a single charge should last for around 24 hours, giving it a slightly longer battery life than either the Apple Watch Series 6 or SE. For ease of use, it comes with its own magnetic USB charger.

Physically, the Wristcam is very lightweight, with the option to swap out its wrist-band. Five interchangeable band colours are available, ranging from Blanc through to Gray, Noir, Rose and Sage. The device is also completely waterproof, so that it can be used safely with a water-resistant Apple Watch.

Retailing for $299 (approx. £223/AU$401), the Wristcam is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 5, and Apple Watch SE. It's currently only available to buy in the US and Canada, although the manufacturer has indicated that it will eventually offer shipping options for other countries.