Apple Vision Pro users can finally use Netflix properly thanks to this app

Finally, Netflix on your face

Apple Vision Pro
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Believe it or not, there is no dedicated Netflix app for the Apple Vision Pro. Imagine paying $3500 for a device that you can't even watch Squid Game on without a 'letterboxed' screen surrounded by black bars. Well, that's no longer an issue. 

That's not however because Netflix has launched a custom app for Apple's headset, no in fact you still have to use the streaming service via the Safari browser. But luckily someone else has taken it upon themselves to save the day with their own app. Not all heroes wear capes and all that.

That app is Supercut, a one-off $7.99 purchase that eliminates the black bars and supports 4K streaming with both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. The app also gives users the chance to adjust the volume and use various playback features within the Vision Pro. You can't yet sit in a virtual cinema like when using Apple TV+ on the headset, but immersive environments are reportedly in the works. At the moment, watching on a floating screen is still a big step forward. 

Considering the spec of the displays on the Vision Pro, it is really primed for the highest possible streaming performance but Netflix decided that the market was too small to invest time into. Certainly, the Vision Pro is an enthusiast-level bit of kit at the moment, but as it becomes cheaper in future generations (hopefully) surely Netflix will catch up. The Supercut app can also be used to access a similarly improved experience with Amazon Prime Video.

Of course, watching films in a virtual space is one thing, but what really sets VR apart is being able to be in the space itself. Apple TV+ offers immersive video experiences that have 180 degrees of vision with 8k visuals and spatial audio, for example, you can watch Alicia Keys rehearse or enjoy sports. a recent package of MLS football highlights gives users the chance to feel like they are really in the crowd at the stadium, watching the game. For now, however, I just want the headset to come out in the UK already!

Andy Sansom
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