Apple TV's new sci-fi series appeared from nowhere – the trailer has people excited

Apple has announced Sunny with only weeks to go

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We're almost going hoarse from the amount of time we spend shouting about Apple TV's increasingly certain status as the best streaming service for sci-fi fans. 

It feels like every few weeks Apple has either a new show, a movie or a new season from one of its existing franchises to add to the streaming platform ready for those who love science fiction to tuck into. 

Now it's adding a fresh show without even giving us more than a month's notice, after announcing Sunny, which will start streaming on 10 July. Check out the trailer below, which seemingly came from nowhere, but looks like an absolute gem of a series:

SUNNY — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube SUNNY — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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The show will star Rashida Jones as Suzie, an American who's moved to Kyoto, Japan, to be with her son and husband before losing both tragically in a plane accident. 

Soon after, though, she's gifted a robot called Sunny by a mysterious benefactor who claims that her husband worked on the assistant, rather than the bland refrigerators he told Suzie about. From there it looks clear that we'll slowly go down the rabbit hole with Suzie as she uncovers more and more curious revelations. 

From Apple's description of its YouTube upload for the trailer, it sounds like Sunny will help Suzie to work out just what happened to her family – although the trailer also makes it clear that things might get at least a little dark. 

Sunny's own design is a really fun bit of work, too, reminiscent of the 2005 film adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – that version's Marvin The Paranoid Android looks much like Sunny the robot, although the latter has a flashy display for a face to help it emote. 

Checking out the comments under that trailer, it's clear that people are already getting hyped for the show, too. One person agreed with our observation about Apple dropping the show out of nowhere, writing: "How have I not heard about this until just now? This looks great! I’m going to go put that in my queue now."

Another was particularly taken with how the trailer looks visually, saying: "The framing and cinematography look very Park Chan-Wook. Looks dope." That's a big name to drop, but the good news is we don't have long to wait until we can see how Sunny measures up – as it's hitting Apple TV+ on 10 July. 

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