Apple TV+ to get its own True Detective style TV thriller in April

Colin Farrell stars in a new, gritty detective drama

Sugar on Apple TV+ with Colin Farrell
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Colin Farrell will star in Sugar on Apple TV+, which starts on 5 April 2024.

It's a gritty detective drama that could be the ideal answer for those looking for another series to watch after finishing True Detective: Night Country.

With the latest season of True Detective finishing in February, you might find yourself pining for more. Thankfully, HBO has confirmed a fifth season will be made, but you'll have to wait at least a year for it to emerge. So what instead?

Well, Apple TV+ could have your back as it will soon add a new gritty detective drama series, which even stars one of the leads from a previous run.

Colin Farrell was arguably the biggest name in True Detective season 2 and he plays the eponymous lead in the debut of Sugar. It's an eight-episode thriller that starts on the streaming service on Friday 5 April 2024.

You'll be able to watch the first three episodes on day one, with the show then releasing each subsequent Friday. And, taking a look at the trailer, it looks a potential hit.

Farrell plays John Sugar – a private investigator tasked with finding the missing daughter of a Hollywood producer. It's very much a modern take on the detective noir genre, with an incredible team behind it.

The show is directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and the highly experienced Adam Arkin (Sons of Anarchy, The Night Agent). It was created and written by Mark Protosevich, who also wrote the Hollywood adaptation of Oldboy, plus I Am Legend and the first Thor movie.

There's definitely a touch of True Detective in its styling and possible theme – not least that Farrell's Sugar seems to be harbouring a secret, but we're also reminded of the books (and film adaptations) from the likes of James Ellroy and Raymond Chandler.

It's definitely one to look out for.

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