Apple TV+ just dropped trailer for new J.J. Abrams project – it looks gripping

Jake Gyllenhaal never looked so slimy in Presumed Innocent

Presumed Innocent
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple has dropped another new trailer for its upcoming limited series starring Jake Gyllenhaal – titled Presumed Innocent – and things look incredibly stressful. The first trailer already had many viewers all saying the same thing

The dark crime thriller stars Gyllenhaal as a state prosecutor whose life starts to fall apart when a colleague is found murdered – and investigators discover that he was having an affair with her. It's very Apple TV+ kind of content, in its bid to be the grittiest of the best streaming services

Unsurprisingly, that event looks like it'll immediately cause enormous strain on his relationship with both his wife (Ruth Negga) and his children, as well as a professional disaster. 

The show has Gyllenhaal as an executive producer but also J.J. Abrams in the same role, suggesting that we can expect a bit of a blockbuster given the experience that each brings to the table. But fewer light trails and flares than you might expect. 

It also has David E. Kelley attached, the man behind Big Little Lies, so twists and turns are almost guaranteed, alongside sophisticated psychological questions, and it'll shine a spotlight on the meaning of honesty and loyalty. 

The series is based on a bestselling novel of the same name by Scott Turow, so it should be nicely plotted out, and as a limited series we know there probably won't be any cliffhanger or second season to contend with. 

Presumed Innocent will arrive on 12 June with a two-episode premiere, so it's now just a couple of weeks away, and it'll run to eight episodes in total, with a couple of directors splitting duties across the season.

Along with the ongoing Dark Matter and other recent series like Constellation (which won't be getting a second season), it looks like Apple is making something of an effort to produce a lot of fairly dark and mature shows right now. That could be to broaden out its appeal.

Gyllenhaal is also about as big a name as Apple has attached to any of its shows so far, and it'll be really interesting to see if he has the star power to pull in a heap of viewers or not, regardless of how the show reviews (because reviews are clearly not everything where streamers are concerned). 

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