Apple TV+ just added trailer for new sci-fi series the whole family will love

Apple's adapting the WondLa books for family viewing

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It might not always be super obvious, but in the war to take the top spot as the most popular streaming service, there's a second front – the battle to be the best streaming service for families specifically. 

This is an area where Disney has a huge advantage thanks to its massive back catalogue of shows and movies, but also its huge library of franchises. However, Appleis not sitting still either – it has just unveiled a full trailer for another major sci-fi TV show aiming at younger and family audiences: WondLa

WondLa — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube WondLa — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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The series is based on a much-loved series of young-adult novels, and will adapt them faithfully, according to its creators, with a gorgeous and lush animation style that does indeed look beautiful in the trailer. 

The show will hinge on main character Eva, who's grown up in a sterile underground lab, Fallout-style – but without the gore and peril. Rather, she's been kept from a world that has evolved beyond humanity's dreams or nightmares.

Making it out from her confinement with a message telling her to find someone who knows the truth, she'll go on a mesmerising journey to discover just what has happened to Earth and the humans it used to host. 

Eva will clearly meet a whole heap of new people (and species) in her hunt to discover the fate of humanity, alongside new friends and some threatening antagonists. We don't know how many of the books will be adapted in this series, but you'd assume it might just tackle the first one. 

Best of all, there isn't long to go at all until your family can sit down and enjoy the series – it'll start on 28 June, at the end of this month. That gives you a couple of weeks to prepare, possibly by getting ahead and reading the books. 

Whether it'll be a hit with younger viewers or not will have to wait until WondLa is actually out and streaming, but it certainly underlines the fact that Apple knows, like Netflix, Prime Video and the rest, that family programming is a vital part of the streaming picture today.

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