Apple to launch 7.85-inch iPad tablet in 2012?

Scaled down iPad to be released by Apple alongside iPad 3 next year

Apple looks set to expand its iPad offering with the upcoming iPad 3 to be joined by the arrival of a new 7.85-inch Apple iPad, new reports suggest

Reigniting speculation around a smaller Apple tablet new reports have suggested the Cupertino based tech giant is to launch a 7.85-inch iPad ahead of the 2012 Christmas shopping rush.

Whilst an Apple iPad 3 release is still expected to be officially unveiled around March of 2012, in keeping with the company's annual product cycle, latest reports from insider sources have revealed a second, smaller iPad is also on its way from Apple in 2012.

Quoting 'sources in the supply chain' tech blog Digitimes has reported “Apple is likely to launch a 7.85-inch iPad prior to the fourth quarter of 2012 in addition to a new iPad scheduled to be released at the end of the first quarter.”

Despite rumours repeatedly suggesting the imminent arrival of a 7-inch iPad Apple has had a tumultuous relationship with the scaled down devices with former CEO Steve Jobs branding 7-inch tablets “tweeners” stating "this size is useless unless you include sandpaper so users can sand their fingers down to a quarter of their size.”

Digitimes' sources have suggested Jobs' words may soon be forgotten, however, stating: “In order to cope with increasing market competition including the 7-inch Kindle Fire from Amazon and the launch of large-size smartphones from handset vendors, Apple has been persuaded into the development of 7.85-inch iPads.”

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Via: 9to5Mac