Apple is working on its own AI system... of course it is!

Is Apple set to join the AI game?

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Unless you've been living under a rock the last 12 months you'll no doubt have noticed the AI revolution currently taking place on the internet. The Microsoft-backed ChatGPT and Google Bard have been racing to become your go-to AI assistant but another big name could be about to throw its hat in the ring.

Apple has stayed pretty quiet on AI so far but according to Bloomberg that could be changing. It has supposedly been working on its own AI model known as Ajax (because it's built on Google Jax) or more cheekily dubbed Apple GPT. 

With Siri looking more and more limited compared to newer AI, these updates can't come soon enough. It is already possible using the iPhone's shortcut app to use Siri with ChatGPT but this is more of a workaround than a direct integration.  Apple's own AI could bring a real boost to Siri for all iPhone users.
Apparently, the Ajax AI has been in the pipeline since last year and is now not too far away from release, however, there was no direct mention of it at WWDC 2023, but that's for a good reason. At least for now, Apple's AI is not designed to ever be brought to consumers. Instead, it is being used for prototyping testing internally at Apple. 

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If you remember WWDC 2023 as more than just the Vision Pro event (tricky I know) you might recall Tim Cook trying to prove that Apple products already had AI integration. with the likes of the car crash and fall-detection features, but this development of its own model is a big step up.

Apple is reportedly a bit wary of AI given the privacy concerns but hopefully, it can use its consumer expertise to integrate generative AI into a product-boosting upgrade rather than just fun little distractions. The likes of ChatGPT have shown great potential but accuracy hasn't always been top of the list. 

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