AirPods 3, new iPad, AirTags: what to expect from Apple on March 23

The Apple spring event date has leaked and OnePlus is in trouble

Apple event 2021
(Image credit: Apple)

Following the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple fans have been eagerly awaiting the tech giant's next event where we'll hear more about a slew of new products its lining up, and the date has just leaked, confirming expectations of a March event to kick off 2021. 

Apple has previously held its first event of the year in March, with March 16 being tossed around as a possibility, but it looks like we're in for an event closer to the end of the month – March 23, based on the recent leaks.

Chinese leaker DuanRui took to Twitter to share the date along with the news that the OnePlus 9 reveal event is in for a bad time; OnePlus is rumored to be holding its OnePlus 9 reveal on March 23, and it seems like that's the date that Apple has its eye on to debut the new iPad Pro 2021, the rumored AirTags, and new AirPods 3. Noted leaked Jon Prosser also chimed in with the March 23 date, adding a "rip" for the OnePlus event, which he says he didn't know was set for the same date.

March 23 checks out, given it falls on a Tuesday, which is par for the course for Apple. Last year, when the pandemic was in its early stages, Apple skipped its spring 2020 event, and opted to announce its new products via press release, followed by the news of an iPhone SE (2nd gen) the month after – also done via a press release. 

Now that we've all acclimatised to the new normal, we'd like to see Apple hold another digital event to showcase its lineup of products, although we're sure OnePlus would prefer a press release again. 

With Oppo debuting its newest smartphone this week, March is set to be a doozy for new gadgets, and Apple could make things even more interesting if it gives us an inkling of its plans for a third generation iPhone SE 3.