I found the best Apple AirPods Max Black Friday deal – cheaper than Amazon!

Like listening to music and watching movies on your iPhone or iPad? If so, you need to see this deal.

Apple AirPods Max
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Ask anyone, and they will say they wouldn't mind owning the Apple AirPods Max, but they can't justify the price. Indeed, Apple's over-ears aren't the cheapest noise-cancelling headphones, but thankfully, I found a couple of deals in the UK and the US that knock some money off the asking price of this beautiful piece of audio engineering.

Only the green colourway is on offer on both sides of the pond, with all other colourways sold at John Lewis. If I were you, I'd check out this Black Friday headphone deal ASAP, especially if you have an iPhone. The biggest appeal to Apple's ecosystem, at least in my opinion, is that the brand's products play exceptionally well with each other.

Apple AirPods Max, Green: was £499, now £479 at John Lewis

Apple AirPods Max, Green: was £499, now £479 at John Lewis
John Lewis is selling the Airpods Max for £479, £20 lower than RRP. Not only that, but new subscribers get six months of Apple Music at no extra cost with the purchase! Only the green colourway is on offer – buy now until stock lasts!

Apple AirPods Max, Green: was $549, now $449 at Amazon

Apple AirPods Max, Green: was $549, now $449 at Amazon
The good people in the US are even better off, with the AirPods Max selling for as little as $449 at Amazon. Yes, it's Amazon, but if you like the look of these premium cans, you should check out this deal anyway. $100 off is not to be frowned upon!

Apple's over-ears sold out before they were launched and received many updates since their release. Most recently, Apple added new noise cancellation options, as well as making the headphones capable of tracking the difference in sound levels inside and outside the cans. Apple might turn its headphones into fitness trackers at some point!

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