App Week: Sky Sports News iPad refresh, Ask Ziggy takes on Siri

Plus: Worms Crazy Golf HD for iPhone reviewed

This week we've seen the first truly viable Siri alternative, while Sky has overhauled its Sky Sports News app for iPad. Plus, we've got new reviews for iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone apps

iPad App News: Sky Sports News gets refresh
Sky is throwing more weight behind Apple's iPad with a renewed Sky Sports News application. The new app, which remains free to Sky subscribers, brings a dedicated editorial team and a host of exclusive written and video content. If you're not a Sky Sports subscriber then the app is a quite costly with a £4.99 a month in-app subscription.

Windows Phone App News: Ask Ziggy is the WP answer to Siri
Ever since the iPhone 4S launched with Siri in October, we've seen a number of copycat voice assistant apps, but this might be the most impressive yet. Ask Ziggy for Windows Phone is a free app which includes speech to text transcription and in-depth answers to your questions, be they mathematical, fact-based or theological like "was Darth Vader a good guy?"

iPhone App News: Sirin doubles data usage for 4S users
Speaking of Siri, it appears your personal assistant is a little bit of a data hog. Network experts have claimed that iPhone 4S users are consuming twice the mobile data of those using regular old iPhone 4 devices. If you're not on an unlimited data plan, it might be an idea to keep an eye on your most recent bills.

Angry Birds App News: Game downloaded 6.5m times on Christmas Day
It appears there's no stopping the Angry Birds juggernaught. The bird-slinging game, in its various guises on various platforms was downloaded an astonishing 6.5m times on Christmas Day thanks to all those new smartphone owners. That'll likely summount to a hefty chunk of change for Rovio.

iPad App News: CloudOn brings Microsoft Office to iPad
Rumour would have it that Microsoft is preparing to bring its fleet of Office applications to the iPad, but before that happens CloudOn for iPad has given us a taster. The app features bespoke software that allows you to edit Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents over the cloud before placing them back in your Dropbox folders.


iPad App Review: Worms Crazy Golf HD
Worms? Crazy golf? What next, Angry Birds rugby? Regardless, EA has given this legendary franchise a sporty makeover, giving the Worms a break from blowing each other up with various artillary. Here, they have a limited amount of shots to get the ball to the hole, while aiming at various floating islands on many Worms-esque landscapes.

iPhone App Review: Attic
Attic is a neat idea, in theory, reminding you of the music stored on your iPhone that you haven't listened to in a while. It's a nicely designed app, which we'd love to be able to use to control our entire music collection. Read our Attic for iPhone review.

Windows Phone App Review: Penguin
"The premise is simple," says our reviewer. "Pressing the screen makes the penguin fall to the ground, and you use that momentum to fling him up across mountains. The longer he's in the air, the better, and the longer you keep it going the more points. Simple." Another pleasing, simple time-killer. Check out our Penguin for Windows Phone review